5 Beautiful Places to Visit in Eastern Europe


When we think of traveling, the famous and luxurious destinations like Paris, New York, Los Angeles, and Athens are the first places that come to mind. Since we are always taking a deep dive into the world’s best places, we decided to give you an insight on some of the less-known cities in Eastern Europe that will definitely exceed your expectations and will mark a great experience. Here are our top picks.


Bansko is the perfect place to go during the winter holidays. Located just 100 miles south from the capital, Sofia, this Bulgarian city has the best winter resorts and ski centers in the area. All of the services are pretty cheap and excellent-rated. If you are a fan of gambling, it is worth to mention that a lot of the hotels even have casinos, but if you are not feeling like going out, online casinos like novicasino.com are legal, and you can use them at the comfort of your home while enjoying the perfect winter idyll.


Montenegro is a beautiful country with numerous beautiful places to visit, but Kotor is the city that stands out. Since the city is located along the Kotor Bay, you can see enormous cruise ships coming in and out of the port on a daily basis. The city is really small but offers a unique experience to every traveler that visits it.



Hungary’s capital is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It has a beautiful medieval look and will definitely leave you breathless. The city is home to approximately 1.7 million people and there are tons of fun and exciting things to do while you’re there. There are numerous water cruises along the Danube river, the nightlife is awesome, and there are a lot of museums. The city is worth a visit.


Named as “The Pearl of the Balkan” and the “Balkan Jerusalem” Ohrid is a small city in the south-west region of North Macedonia. It is home to one of the oldest lakes in the world, the Ohrid Lake. The city is breathtaking, and there are many churches, beaches and various places to visit. The city’s old part has a unique look, one that will leave you in awe. To make things even better, it is extremely cheap, and you don’t need more than 30$ per day to have an excellent time. The city and its lake are also a UNESCO World Heritage property.


The capital of Croatia is one of the best-organized cities in the Balkan area. There are numerous places to visit, like St. Mark’s church, Cathedral of Zagreb, or take a tour of the Upper Town. The Museum of Broken Relationships is also a famous place in this city. Like the name itself suggests, the museum is dedicated to all the relationships that have fallen apart and its exhibits include objects left by former lovers. Maksimir Park is also a must-visit. It is the oldest public park in Zagreb and it forms the city’s cultural heritage.

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