How to keep your home gleaming

Keeping your home clean can be a frustrating task. It can also be dangerous, as bacteria building up in your house can result in sickness. Staying on top of the cleaning can be an ongoing and arduous task, but there are ways to reduce the workload and keep your house sparkly clean.

Identify problem areas

Some areas in your home are more prone to dirt than others. Focusing your main energy on these rooms can ensure you stay bacteria- and virus-free.


Bathroom: your bathroom is a haven for dirt and bacteria because of the moisture it regularly contains. Ensure you towel down any excess moisture following showers or baths. Replace toothbrushes regularly and store them away from any spray from your toilet flush.

Kitchen: The kitchen is a breeding ground for germs thanks to changing temperatures, moisture and food being prepared and cooked. You should always thoroughly wash and disinfect the sink area. Cloths should preferably be disposable, while tea towels should be regularly wash.

Home PC: The home office is another hotspot for dirt and bacteria. Your keyboard can become a resting place for crumbs and other dirt. Use a handheld vacuum on the keyboard and wipe it down with disinfectant wipes the Azo Wipes from Premier Healthcare and Hygiene are a great option as they can kill bacteria in under a minute.

Childrens room: Any room where children play will be a hub for bacteria and dirt. Carefully monitor for any spills and wipe them away with disinfectant. Mop down the floors or clean the carpet with a specialist detergent.


General cleaning tips

If youre looking for more general ways to keep the home clean, bear these tips in mind:

  • Limescale is a tough dirt that can build up in wet areas such as the sink, kettle and bathroom. Buy a special descaling product to remove it.
  • Floors should be washed with warm water and detergent. Carpets should be washed with special cleaning agents.
  • Make sure you throw away rubbish and dont let it build up.
  • Clean any dishes away and do not leave them out in dirty piles.

By taking a proactive approach when it comes to your home, you can efficiently clean down problem areas, meaning itll take less work to tidy the whole home. Stay on top of things for a truly sparkling house.

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