Best Places to Travel in October

Now that were firmly into Autumn and Winter is fast approaching, most of us are drawing the curtains earlier, turning up the heating and settling in for the coming dark and cold months.

People like to travel in winter, seeking out warmer climates to help them beat the winter blues and get some much-needed warmth and sunshine, but what are the best places to visit in October/November time? It helps to know just how the weather is changing across the world during these months, with some places becoming harsher and colder whilst others become warmer and more welcoming.



The Monsoon season occurs during spring and summer, so if you choose to visit Asia in the Autumn you will enjoy the beginning of the tourist season, along with plenty of sunshine and dryness.

Goa in India enjoys warm temperatures around this time of year (other parts of India are still cooler, which is fine if thats what youre looking for), and is incredibly beautiful. Alternatively, there are plenty of places in Asia worth visiting in October and November. Nepal is ideal at this time of year for walking holidays due to the mild temperatures, and the South of China is also very welcoming to tourists.



The best times to visit Australia, a famously hot country, is around September and October, so nows the time to visit! At this time of year, its warm enough that you can still enjoy some surf sand, but its cool enough that youre not stifling in the legendary heat. It starts to get hotter around November, and remember that the further south you go in Australia, the colder it gets.

Travelling to Australia during the off season means you dont have to deal with the intense sun and other potential issues common during the more popular tourist months, such as flooding.



If you live in the UK, you might not want to travel too far and so look to places in Europe to visit. The Mediterranean is the most popular choice, because although Europe is entering autumn at this time of year the area remains quite warm and temperate. This gives you a lot of great choices, from Southern Italy and Spain to the Greek Islands.

At this time, levels of tourism are quiet, making it ideal for people looking for a quiet trip away, just before the cold air and rain starts to come in.




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