6 Stylish Storage Options for the Modern Bedroom

Storage can complete a house, allowing you to hide away all manner of items and create a streamlined home. In the bedroom, it’s particularly critical to ensure your sleep zone is a comfortable refuge. Regardless of whether you rent or own your property, or you have a newborn and need to store away a modern baby swinghere are six stylish storage options to get your bedroom in order.



If your clothing spills over onto chairs, into the bathroom or even onto the floor, chances are your wardrobe is in need of a makeover. When it comes to storage, this is a great place to start.

It’s amazing that you can fit into a new or revamped wardrobe with just some small space-saving items, like hanging space, wire baskets, or shelving. Finding furniture stores in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney or even regional centres is easy, with shops like Super Amart boasting a host of wardrobe additions to get you on your way. These are also great places to find stand-alone wardrobes in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Tallboys and dressers

The great thing about a tallboy or dresser is that not only can you fit items in their numerous drawers, but you can place items upon them, like the bedroom TV, some nice books or a stylish lamp.


Under bed storage

Under the bed is often under-utilised storage space. Whether you get roller drawers, a basket or vacuum bags, this can be a great place to stash all manner of seldom used items like old baby clothes, winter blankets or other paraphernalia.

Bedside tables

The humble bedside table is the perfect place for all those smalls that would otherwise take up residence in your wardrobe. So if storage is an issue, consider investing in some new bedside tables with extra drawers to take the heat off your built-in cupboards or stand-alone wardrobe.



Tea chests and blanket boxes are a fabulous addition to any bedroom, allowing you to house your extra linen, seldom used clothing or even paperwork out of view. They are also a stylish pieces of furniture in themselves, placed at the bed end or in an otherwise unused space.

Book shelves or cube storage

Creating a reading nook in the bedroom, complete with bookshelves and an armchair is a gorgeous addition. However, bookshelves need not just be limited to storing books. They provide a great place for ornaments and even folded clothes on the lower shelves.

If you want to keep the look clean, you can consider using square wicker baskets on the shelves to hide items inside. Label the baskets to help keep yourself organized. Check out LabelCity for all of your label printing needs.

Then of course there are cube shelves which are designed specifically to house baskets and boxes for storage space. You can then place your bedroom TV on top, and add some books to the empty cubes. You can then place your bedroom TV on top, and add some books to the empty cubes.

Adding storage is a great way to clear your bedroom of clutter, ensuring your space is inviting for relaxation and rest. How do you manage to keep everything tucked away? Do you have any ideas to add to the mix? Share your experiences and solutions by commenting below.

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