4 Reasons to Use Direct Letterbox Marketing

Direct letterbox marketing seems a thing of the last couple of decades for a lot of people out there especially with the emergence of the Internet marketing methods (and with the realization that they can be really effective).

However, the truth is that Leaflet Deliveryis not a thing of the past and it can be more than successful in 2015 as well. Why would you use it when there are so many digital marketing techniques at your disposal? We have gathered 4 very important reasons to convince you so read on if you want to find out more.


Its the human touch

When was the last time you received a letter in your mail box and were not talking about bills, if you still get them in paper format. If you remember those days, you know the excitement that comes with opening a letter, the irreplaceable feeling of the message in that letter and the human touch we seem to have lost over the decades.

If your marketing campaign aims at achieving exactly that human inspiration, direct letterbox marketing is a great way to do this.

Its more creative

Believe it or not, leaflet distributioncan be way more creative than digital email marketing products. Instead of a digital page (where you cannot do much else than add great design and some attractive text), you have a myriad of possibilities when it comes to direct letterbox marketing leaflets and materials. Stickers, postcards, odd (and creative) shaped materials all these things can have a huge impact on the consumer.


Its more trustworthy

How many emails do you receive in a day? 20? 100? 200? And how many of them are really relevant? Even more, how many of them do not feature scams, do not share viruses or are completely uninvited? Probably a lot.

With direct letterbox marketing, you get a chance to gain your consumers trust and thats a huge thing in a market thats very competitive. Regardless of what type of products or service you may sell, most consumers will have a better feeling of trustworthiness when they receive a palpable marketing material from you (as compared to receiving emails).

Its harder to get lost

Going back to the huge number of emails every Internet user and consumer receives every day, how many of those emails do you really think are opened even when they are not suspicious in any way and when they come from companies those consumers already trust? Most likely, only a fraction of those emails will be clicked on precisely because there are a lot of them and the competition to draw the consumers eyes to your email can be very fierce.

With direct letterbox marketing, it is really much more difficult to get lost like that. Considering most people dont receive a lot of things in their mail box, your materials will most likely reach their destination successfully and they will actually manage to do what they were intended to: attract new customers towards your business and retain the old ones.

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