Get Toned Shape with Body Contouring

We all want to have a perfectly toned body with no excess fat. However, there are times when we find it difficult to meet our health needs leading to trouble belly and waist. Deposition of fat in such areas is common that stays for long time if not worked accordingly. To get rid of excess fat from the area, you need a proper body contouring treatment from professional surgeon. At Sono Bello, you’re treated by surgeons who are well-trained and ensure of getting long lasting result.

Body contouring is basically a plastic surgery process that removes the excess skin and fat deposition, shaping the underlying tissues in the targeted areas.


When you actually need contouring procedure?

  • Difficulties in following personal hygiene
  • Rashes in fatty areas
  • Bad body shape

Unlike, invasive fat eliminating methods such as Liposuction, body contouring uses TriPollar Radio Frequency Technology helping to eliminate the unwanted fat from the target area. Contouring actually tightens the skin, by heating the fat cells leading to shrink, which in turn brings down the fat deposition.

Let us now couple of benefits of undergoing body contouring process:


One of the benefits of undergoing this process is the use of radio frequency, which is totally different from traditional liposuction fat-removal process. However, the technology used in non-invasive process need some improvements.

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No Recovery Time:

Body contouring process is not surgical, so the patient doesn’t need to have a recovery waiting time. The process takes minutes or hours, and the patient can leave the surgical centre within the day.

By undergoing body contouring procedure, you will witness smoother and more youthful look than before. However, there are different process including tummy tuck, thigh lifting and arm lifting.

Body contouring process performed by professional surgeons, does not only offers fat reducing benefits, but surplus of other benefits. Along with fat reduction, there will be no signs of cellulite, stretch marks and wrinkles from the area.

Body contouring may have positive influence on individual’s mind and body. This includes:

Getting Motivated to Weight Loss:

After getting the new toned body shaped, there is a natural tendency of an individual to keep body in shape for long term. By following proper diet and exercise, there is a motivation of weight loss.


Improved self-image:

For individuals, carrying large fat belly is embarrassing, especially in public places. There is enough evidence that body contouring process creates positive impact on the image of the person.

Improved Quality of Life:

When you carry a toned body, you naturally feel good and are likely to engage in activities for a better social life. This is one way of living an improved quality of life.

With having such benefits and easy procedure compared to traditional fat-eliminating, body contouring is becoming much popular for its safe and effective result.

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