How to save money for travel

Nothing in life is free, and the opportunity to see the world certainly comes at a cost. How much of a cost obviously depends on where you go, how far you travel, how you travel, and what you do once you’re there, but on the whole, travelling costs moolah, and sometimes quite a lot of it.

Despite that, of course you should travel as much and as far as you can, simply because this huge world of ours is worth seeing, but finding ways to save so you can fund your exploration should be at the top of your list.

So, how can you save money to fund your adventures?

Here’s a few ideas.


Sell your junk

You might not consider this to be an idea which is going to line your pockets too much but you’d be surprised! One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, I’m sure you’ve heard that, and in this case having a big clear out ticks two boxes – firstly you get to rid your home of junk which is cluttering up the place, and secondly you get to earn a little money for the privilege! Car boot sales generally won’t earn you too much, so instead look towards eBay for more in the way of earnings.

Cut down on your bills

Are you still paying for a gym membership you don’t need? Are you paying additional health insurance when you already get it from another source? Could you get your mobile phone contract cheaper from somewhere else? Look at your monthly outgoings and see if you can cut down on some of them, or get rid of a few completely. Whatever you manage to save, put it to one side.


Set up a high interest savings account

Speaking of putting money to one side, don’t just put what you earn under the mattress or even in your regular bank account, instead look into getting an ISA or a high interest savings account, and whatever you save, put it in this account. If you manage to earn a little interest, this all goes towards your travel fund. Don’t touch the account under any circumstances!

Get a second job

Is there something you could earn money from? For instance, do you have a skill which you could turn into a job? If you enjoy writing, why not do some freelancing at the weekends? If you enjoy socialising, why not get a bar job in the evenings? Earning a little extra cash all goes towards that travel fund. Do remember that you will generally pay a higher amount of tax on any second job, and to declare any self-employed earnings, but anything is better than nothing, right?


Scale down

You don’t get anything in this life for free, so if you want to up sticks and travel the world, you’re going to have a sacrifice a little beforehand. Scale back on your social life a little, not completely of course, but just a little, and cut out the luxuries if you don’t need them, such as the gym, or that subscription to a magazine you never read. It will all be worth it in the end, and remember to throw anything you save into that savings account.


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About Lanna World

Lanna World is a travel blog mixed with a lifestyle blog. Sadly I can't be traveling all the time, so while I'm at home - saving for travel - I'll write lifestyle posts. Right now, I'm living in New Zealand, planning to travel to Europe at the end of 2015. I can't wait.

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