Channel Email Energy into Social Media Engagement

Although one of the earliest Internet tools, email remains a powerful form of communication. Businesses often maintain lines of communication with customers via email, including opt-in promotional newsletters. Because customers agree to receive these deliveries in the intimate setting of their inboxes, companies must ensure the content is valuable and relevant. This setting is an ideal place for companies to build relationships with engaged, loyal customers. Including links and call-to-action buttons connecting to the brand’s digital channels is an effective way to nurture that relationship.


Recognizing digital sales channels

Digital channels are any electronic modes of interaction between a business and its customers. These channels open opportunities to build brand loyalty, generate social proof, obtain customer feedback, and interact with an audience for many purposes. Primary digital channels are:

  • Websites
  • Communication tools
  • Social media outlets
  • Apps
  • Streaming media
  • Games

Websites are the powerhouses of the Internet. A business can showcase everything about its brand, offer customer service tools, provide a shopping cart and digital coupon codes, and anything else necessary to operate. A business should include an enticing call-to-action link to its website in each email correspondence.

Although email is the primary focus, businesses have several communications tools available. These may include a live conversational chatbot window on the website, a direct messenger application, or push notifications via text message. Each of these communications channels offer a chance to promote brand loyalty and engage with customers. Emails should have information on how to receive live help via these channels.

Social media is the undeniable winner in the race for spreading brand awareness, garnering honest feedback, and testing audience response to a brand. Marketing departments have numerous analytics tools available to track audience response and brand awareness. Each email should include links and enthusiastic calls-to-action encouraging recipients to engage in the brand’s social media activities.

Shopping apps are an easy and popular way for companies to make it convenient for customers to purchase items, take advantage of sales, or request services. Everyone on the email list should receive an invitation to download the brand’s mobile app.


Brands can build customer loyalty by using streaming content regarding their products and services. This content may offer how-tos or inspiration for using a product, relevant lifestyle content, or behind-the-scenes looks at the company. Emails with links to videos relevant to the content add value to the customer experience.

Although not suited to every niche, games offer a way to engage customer interaction. Mobile game apps allow the customer to try out the product in the virtual world or interact with other users. Marketing campaigns via email could offer challenges or bonuses for following the download link.

Feed off of email energy to gain marketing momentum

Social media cross-promotion should offer email subscribers new value, such as exclusive content, inspiration for using a product, or the opportunity to share customer photos. When subscribers open their emails they should find a treasure trove of opportunities to explore.

Because list management software tracks recipient responses, marketers can track which customers open emails and how they subsequently respond. This helps develop a database of the most engaged customers. Building a database allows a company to focus its marketing efforts on customers most likely to make purchases and build worthwhile relationships with those individuals. This approach increases marketing return on investment and reduces cost per lead. Using an email list to increase costumer engagement is not only a wise marketing tactic but also a boost to the bottom line.

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