Why you should rent a vehicle for your trip to Miami

If youre planning to take a vacation, Miami is an excellent option. Along with sun, surf and sand, youll be able to dine at excellent restaurants, drink at popular bars and go on a road trip to see some more of Florida.

Many people wonder if its worth hiring a vehicle in Miami. While some cities have excellent public transport options and everything is well-contained and easy to get to, Miami is unfortunately not one of these cities.

Here are some reasons why you should rent a vehicle for your trip to Miami:


The kids will thank you

Renting a vehicle means that you have more flexibility, leading to less time spent waiting around for a taxi or public transport. That also means the kids will be less tired and better well-behaved which is a win/win.

If you rent a vehicle youll also be able to cater to the needs of your kids- smaller children may need to go back to the hotel for a nap while older ones would prefer to play on the beach, and theyll feel more in their comfort zone if their parents are driving a car just like they do at home. Rental minivans in Miami are an excellent option, as you can fit the whole family in, along with all the extra bags that come with taking kids on vacation.

Youll actually save money

One of the key reasons why many people choose not to hire a vehicle is the idea that its too expensive. However, this couldnt be more wrong, and youll find that renting a vehicle in Miami is actually well worth the expense and its likely youll save money. Most people who visit Miami will want to go up to Orlando and visit the theme parks (especially if theyre taking kids), maybe go shopping in Miami, head down to Key West or see the alligators in the Everglades.

Adding up how much it would cost to take a bus to all of these activities, plus the expense of getting to and from the airport is a good indication of the amount you would spend, without having the benefit and freedom associated with renting a vehicle. Check out Miles Car Rentalfor a great deal.

Youll save time

When you rent a vehicle in Miami, youll be able to pick it up at the airport, directly after you land and quickly get to your hotel to check in. And when its time to go back to the airport, you can simply pack everyone into the car and return the car before checking in. Sure, some hotels may offer and airport transfer, but theyll often have a policy that gets you to the airport far earlier than you need to, or youll be stuck picking up and dropping off other passengers on the way.

The same goes if you decide to go up to Orlando- having a car will save you so much time at the theme parks as you can go and leave as you please, instead of having to rely on shuttles which have a set time.

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