What to Do When at Byron Bay for Schoolies Week

And here it comes! The one week that you had been waiting for almost all of your school life. Schoolies Week! A full week of celebrations that will be the crowning achievementat the end of your final year at senior school. For many, if not most students, it is actually their very first taste of real freedom, as well as the ability to make completely independent, adult choices far away from their families.

There are certain things you can do to make sure that your Byron Bay Schoolies week turns out to be a really safe and enjoyable experience, whose memories you will be able to cherish for many a long year to come.


Double check your accommodation and traveling arrangements

Find yourself a great travel guide and agency that will help you go through the ropes of your maiden adventure while having a whole lot of fun at Byron Bay Schoolies. Ideally your chosen travel guide agency will be able to arrange your taxi service at Byron Bay, along with all of your relevant transportation needs while you are in transit there.

As a matter of fact, whenever you go traveling (and this holds particularly true for schoolies week, since it’s probably your very first trip alone) it always pays to do a whole heap of due diligence by double checking everything, specifically accommodations to ensure that they are not too far away from the beach. (in which case you will have to end up paying transportation costs back from your hotel/motel to the beach).

You might try and explore a few off the beaten track destinations

While the Byron Bay beach is by itself a great experience, it is not the only destination that you can explore on your schoolies trip. As a matter of fact, the town’s surroundings are just simply brimming with both beauty and truly unique and ‘out of the way’ experiences. In fact, a favourite amongst schoolies in the past few years, is Killen Falls. This place is not only easy to access but only a mere half an hour or so, south of Byron Bay. Apart from that, you can also consider stopping at the Macadamia Castle en route to Killen falls. They offer special discounts to Schoolies with regards to entry fees for different entertainment activities.

Watch the sunrise from Byron Bay Lighthouse

The Byron Bay Lighthouse is centrally located upon one of Australia’s most easterly points and since you are at the tip of a continent, you can bet that the views are amazing! There is a conveniently located walking trail that stretches from Byron Bay’s Main Beach all the way to this rustic old Lighthouse. It will take you almost an hour to walk from the light house to the beach on a one way trip.

These are just a few of the attractions you will be able to find at Byron bay when you decide on Byron bay as your destination for your upcoming schoolies trip of a lifetime.



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