Social care hotspots: top towns in the UK where social care can make a difference

In the UK, people of all ages suffer from a range of problems, which means they need extra support to help them live the independent and active life that most of us take for granted. Some areas of the country require more help than others, due to external factors such as low employment, child poverty and increased dependence on alcohol. Here are the top three UK hotspots for social worker jobs, for those really looking to make a difference.



Having been named in 2013 as the poorest of the UKs many ailing seaside towns, Blackpool has fallen a long way since its heyday as the countrys top holiday destination in the 1950s. Young people in the town have been particularly affected by the towns decline, with a local government report suggesting that there are almost twice as many episodes of children in need as the national average. As a result, there are a number of rewarding social care jobs in Blackpool that involve working with children, including in the 11 childrens centres operated by Blackpool Council.



Recently named as the most deprived local council area in the country, almost half of the neighbourhoods in this north-east town rank among the UKs poorest 10%. The fall of industry in the region as a whole has resulted in high levels of unemployment, which means social care for adults from occupational therapy to residential care – is a wide-open field in Middlesbrough.



Although the city centre has, in recent years, undergone unprecedented levels of regeneration, there is still a high demand for social worker jobs, especially in the poorer outskirts of the city. Areas such as Toxteth, Anfield and Norris Green suffer from gang violence, and social work in the area of community intervention although fraught with difficulty can give the right kind of candidate a chance to make a positive impression on young people who lack the right guidance.

Demand for experienced social workers is high and organisations such as Frontline are seeking to employ the brightest graduates in order to make a difference in the areas that need it most. The life of a social worker can be demanding at times due to the nature of the job, but it can also be highly rewarding, especially if you can transform the life of someone living under difficult conditions.

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