3 Biggest Wardrobe Mistakes for Work and How to Avoid It

Dressing sometimes can be difficult. You dont always know what is appropriate and what is not and sometimes you accidentally might take a risk of being wrongly dressed. And that is probably not a very good thing to do especially if you are going to work! Have no ideas what items are good for work outfits what not? No problem! Today LannaWorld is going to share the three biggest mistakes some women do then they dress for work and give you a bit of advice how to avoid it. So read it, learn it and be sure what you look stylish and appropriate at work!


Too much skin

From toes to deep v-neck, at work no woman should show too much of her skin or body. No matter if it summer and it is hot. You should never put sandals, a mini skirt, spaghetti strap top or another summer like clothing. That is more appropriate at a beach than at the office. So all these casual staples are not welcomed at an office and should be changed with more professional looking clothing. For instance, if it is really hot day and you have to work in an office with strict dress code then choose to wear cap sleeve tops, knee-length skirts or a nice breezy shift dress. Put a pair of ballet flats and you are all ready to work! Also, pick airy, diaphanous fabrics, like voile, eyelet lace, and chiffon. You will look sophisticated and stylish too. The basic rule is still to be sure that you are not showing too much skin at any office environment.


Wearing Jeans

Jeans are mostly used as leisure time clothing, but in some offices it can be welcomed too. But you have to be sure that it looks professional no matter what kind of office environment you are working it. At a corporate office, you absolutely cant wear any pair of jean, no matter how much you love it. At a business-casual office, and if the denim is allowed (most likely on Fridays), polished, dark trouser jeans are the way to go. Avoid any unnecessary prints or rip offs too. But if you are working at a creative office with free spirit around, definitely skip the weird washes. But colored denim gets a thumbs-up. Just be sure to always dress jeans up with a nice top or blazer.

You can definitely find work-appropriate jeans that will suit every office environment if you shop at Last Call online store. Also, you can save a great amount of money too, if you find and use special.Anyway, get the best jeans for your body shape and take a better notice then and where you can pull it. At the end of a week or at the more relax environment, jeans are welcomed too if they are picked carefully.


Wearing Leggings

Leggings, although it can be fun to wear and makes you warm, are definitely to avoid. Also, usually, there are no offices that welcome this type of wear too. Of course, if you work at a creative office, better proceed with caution. Only wear them dressed up and as a layering piece (that is, with a long jacket or a tunic that covers your derriere). But if you have a better piece to dress yourself with, definitely put these leggings far away and wear it at weekends. It is better not to risk and keep yourself dressed appropriately.

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