Giordana Toccaceli Discusses How to Re-Attract a Man Who Has Pulled Away

reading-925589_960_720You’ve fallen in love with someone, only to find that their affection has faded away. It’s a difficult spot to be in, but it’s not a hopeless one.

You had his attention once, and it’s possible to get it back if that’s truly what you want to do. It’s time to explore the idea of how to get his attention back. It’s not wrong to want things to come back around, especially when you see potential in your future together. 

Let’s take a look at some ways to win back his affection without putting too much strain on yourself.

How to Get His Attention Back When He’s Drifted

The nice thing about your situation is that you have a number of ways to go about getting him back. It’s important to have confidence as you go through this process because it might require a little work and determination.

Before we get started, though, it’s important to ask yourself why you want him back in the first place. What are you attracted to? Do you think that you could legitimately make things work in the long-run?

These are important questions to answer, and the answers you find should be your driving factors throughout this process.

Don’t Let Him Dictate Everything

A person still in love with someone who doesn’t seem to reciprocate will often lay down and allow the other person to do whatever they please.

If he’s on his own, he might start to act in ways that aren’t respectful or considerate of your feelings. There might be times when he doesn’t treat you like a friend, and even ignores you. 

It’s likely that he has conflicted emotions about the ordeal as well, but that’s no excuse for him to act selfish or rude. Speak out when these things happen and let him know that you’re not someone that will be disrespected in that way. 

You have your autonomy, and you’re willing to make it known. It just so happens that assertiveness is an attractive quality to a lot of men, so this will work to your advantage. That said, you should assert your dignity for yourself and let him know that he’s being inconsiderate in the process. 

Continue to Have Fun Together

Two people in a relationship often share core friends, interests, and activities. That means there’s a good chance you’re going to see him around from time to time. 

When you do encounter him, try your best to have a good time together. Don’t ruin that potential by talking behind his back or creating drama about the terms of your relationship. Everyone hanging out with you will already know the situation and have their own ideas about it. 

Try to keep things as peaceful as possible and focus on having a great time. Interact with him the way you did before you started dating. Be yourself and display how enjoyable you are as a person. 

Relationships often cloud our view of our partners because we’re too close to them and forget how much we enjoyed their company in the beginning. 

So be you. Your essential qualities were attractive to him in the beginning, and there’s a good chance they’ll still be whenever you see him. 

Flirt Harmlessly

The key word here is “harmlessly,” because there’s certainly a line that can be crossed. If you’ve ever broken up with a man who just wants to see you again and get physical, you understand how unattractive over-flirting is. 

Flirting can be delicate, exciting, and really effective at making someone attracted to you. The nice thing is you have time as an advantage. 

You and your ex have a body of shared experiences, romantic and otherwise, that you can use to dictate how you flirt. You understand each other and know what drives the other person. 

Don’t be too overt but do what you know will stick in your ex’s brain and make them wonder what in the world they were thinking when they broke up with you. 

Move Forward in Your Own Life

It’s certainly possible to shift focus and improve our lives while we’re still hung up on someone. 

You can be totally in love with someone, but still do everything you can to be a better version of yourself. Take the time to learn new things, improve, and flourish in your own ways. The idea here works on two levels. 

First, you’re getting your life in order for your own good. Being single is freeing in the sense that you can dedicate all of your energy to creating a better life for yourself. Go to the gym, start spending time with old friends, eat great foods, and feel healthier. 

In other words, blossom into yourself and make it known that you’re doing extremely well. This is, first and foremost, for you. You deserve to feel good and live a great life. 

He Will Notice

On the other side of things, your ex will definitely be aware of these changes. Social media makes it nearly impossible for former lovers to avoid seeing each other, so he will take note of what you’re doing. 

Someone who is on top of their life is incredibly attractive. We all know this from experience. It’s tough to be with someone who isn’t healthy or driven. It’s just hard to keep yourself happy when you’re concerned about how the other person is doing. 

He’ll also assume that you’ve moved on, which counterintuitively, is an extremely attractive thing. “How could you move on from me? I was the one who broke up with you.”

This will throw a wrench in his thought process and make your attractive qualities abundantly clear. So long as you’ve maintained healthy communication, continued to have fun, and thrown the occasional flirt into the conversation, all of these things will work in your favor. 

Eventually, he’ll be weak at the knees when he thinks of you. You, on the other hand, will be living your best life. At that point, you can decide whether or not you even want to take him back. 

Trying to Understand Love?

In the process of figuring out how to get his attention back, you’ll probably wonder what went wrong in the first place. It’s a tricky thing to try and understand, but we’re here for you. 

Contact us at our website or through Twitter to get a free consultation and start making moves to improve your love life for the long-run.

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