How to Take Professional-Looking Tourist Photos

Everyone knows that a holiday snap barely does the destination justice. As hard as you might try, you can never get more than a handful of photos worthy of being on a postcard. However, if youre keen to change this, try incorporating some of the below tips so you can start taking your very own professional-looking tourist photos.


Hit the Books

By hitting the books (or internet), you will be able to make the most of every photo opportunity. Gaining insight into the people, sights and expectations of the country youre visiting will let you know what is available to take beautiful snaps of. Research doesnt just have to be confined to books or websites though. For example, if youre travelling the Bavarian hills with a company such as Albatross Tours, ask the guide for more detailed information about what makes its castles and environment unique and worth capturing in a still.

Break the Box

Dont just think outside the box for inspiration; smash it! Get in close and personal with your subjects. Use vertical angles rather than horizontal. And get off the beaten track to capture images of local customs and natural sites that arent overrun with tourists. Also, try looking at the popular sites from a different angle. For example, stand underneath the Eiffel Tower rather than in front, or head to St Marks Square in Venice at night rather than during the day as there are less people, no pigeons, and it will be lit up in all its glory.


Be in the Know

Even after youve found some interesting places to capture, you may find your images still arent meeting professional standards. The way to overcome this is to learn at least the basics of how your camera works. Make sure you understand some of the different shutter speeds and lens settings, and also take a look at the angles and subjects of previously taken professional images from your destination. If you can, update your equipment, which could include buying a polarising filter, this will eliminate reflections and enhance colours and detail.Check out BestCompactCamera2016.comonline to learn more about what camera will suit you

Go with the Flow

Dont try too harduse what youve got and work with it, not against it. The first step is to turn off the flash, as this artificial light will only create red eyes, pale faces and unnatural shadows. Once youve done this, find inspiration in colours and textures rather than just the content. Capturing bold colours will serve you perfectly if you want to evoke an emotional response, and it will provide a captivating and dramatic composition. Think fresh white snow in the Swiss Alps against the rich wooden roof of a ski chalet.

When youre a tourist, its easy to get caught in the moment and take as many photos as possible of a single site so you dont forget it. However, its these types of images that can be downloaded one hundred times over from the Internet. Travelling is about pushing your boundaries and being absorbed into different cultures and environments; why should your photos be any different? Get out there, experiment and explore, and you might surprise even yourself with just how talented you are with camera!

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