Why you need to buy a bike

We all say it: I need to be more active. But few of us actually make an effort to follow through, and we end up slowly watching as our jeans get larger as we get more and more unhappy.

The answer? You need to buy a bike. Not only is biking faster than walking, but youll be burning calories and enjoying the fresh air on your way to work. Its also been proven to improve self-esteem and reduce stress, so why not give it a go?

Heres why you need to buy a bike:


Youll get healthier

If youre like most people working in offices, you probably end up sitting for most of the day. In the weekend, youre probably driving or using public transport, but by getting a bike youll be getting exercise while you get to work. Your cardiovascular health will improve, youll be burning calories, and youll get your metabolism working early on in the day so it keeps working while youre sitting at work.

Its good for the Environment

If youre looking for some good karma, biking is a great way to do your part for the environment. Not only are you not producing any pollution, but it takes far less energy to make a bike than a car, and bikes also take up far less space. In many countries in Europe, most people bike to work, and the excellent bike lanes and bike parking spaces are something that would be implemented if more people were biking and there were fewer cars on the road.


Your brain power will improve

Cardio-respiratory fitness has been proven to improve brain power, and a study from Illinois University found that cycling can improve our ability in mental tests by 15%. Cardio exercise boosts the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain and can also mean youre less likely to get Alzheimers as well.

Youll stay younger

Along with feeling healthy and young, youre also likely to look younger as well. Because cycling increases circulation, those nutrients have an easier time getting to your skin cells and flushing out those gross toxins. Just be sure to wear sunscreen.


Youll be out of the pollution

You may assume that if youre biking you may be inhaling more pollution than usual, but the Imperial College in London found that its actually passengers in cars, taxis and buses which are sucking up more pollution than both cyclists and pedestrians

You might live longer

This has to be the biggest benefit of them all. Not only are you improving your health and appearing by cycling, but a study by Kings College in London found that when comparing more than 2,400 identical twins, the ones who biked for around 45 minutes three times a week were up to 9 years younger biologically, even after they looked at other influences like BMI and smoking.

If youre looking for a new bike (and by now you should be), head to Leisure Lakes Bikes.

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