Tips for Europe Summer Travel

If youve been looking into ways you can save money on your next trip, youve probably noticed that most people advise that you should stay away from Europe in the middle of summer.

While that sounds great in theory, theres a reason why millions of people take their holidays during the European summer. If youll be travelling in Europe this summer, here are some top tips to help you get the most out of your travel:

Spend Smart

Some countries will be more expensive than others. If youll be mostly travelling through Eastern Europe, your money will go further than if youll be hitting up cities like Paris and Rome. One great way you can save money is through food. Youll find tiny shops and bakeries throughout Europe, and you can easily grab something to eat, sit outside, and people watch.

Book your flights early, and youll be in for a treat- low cost airlines can help you get around on a budget. If you book in advance, you can also find plenty of cheap holiday packages. If you like to eat out, consider making lunch your nice meal, and grab something simple or cook at your hostel or Airbnb for dinner.


Dodge the crowds

Europe is crowded in summer- thats just a fact. But you can do your best to dodge the worst of the crowds by planning ahead. While many people say not to go to Europe during July and August, there are plenty of exceptions. For example, this is a good time to go to Paris, since its packed in both June and September for trade shows and conventions. In France and Italy (along with other European countries) many cities partially shut down.

As a tourist, this is unlikely to impact you, unless you suddenly need a dentist. Youll still be able to take in the main tourist sites with no issues. It may also be a good idea to rent a car (you can check out Webjet) so you dont need to worry about navigating public transport in certain countries.

Get up early

This is a good tip regardless of when you visit, as you can beat crowds of other tourists to many main tourist sites and halfway through when everyone else arrives. But this is an especially good idea in the peak of summer travel, when it gets super hot during the day. Get up as early as you can, see a tourist site or two, and head back to your hotel to relax and maybe even take a nap. Then you can avoid the heat of the day and go back out when its a little cooler.

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