Time, How to Make the Best Use of It.

Time is a friend to no man. Even if you disagree and have solid proof that time is a friend to some people, it is still a really bad friend. What kind of friend fails to wait for their friend? But then that is times biggest characteristic. It waits for no man.

We are always living in the future. Now, has just gone by and another now has gone by again. Before you know it the more recognizable future like lunchtime, dinner time arrives. A couple of nows later the day is history and future of tomorrow morning has arrived.


This creates a real problem. We, in reality, do not own anytime even if we have the whole time to run our businesses or play real money pokies. This is because it is impossible to possess something that is always gone. The least we can do is to try and plan to own the future. The past is gone and no one can do anything to bring it back. Time gone by (because we do not think you can lose something that is not yours) is only good if we take the lessons from the experiences.

Owning the Future

You could be watching a small ball spinning around a bigger wheel marked with numbers waiting for it to fall on a number. Hopefully, the number that you bet on at a land-based or an online casino. With each spin, the future comes but you are not guaranteed that you will see the ball land on one of the slots on the roulette wheel.


We have developed many ways predict when an event will happen, its intensity and even the way it will happen. These only have the power to show us what is already in the process of happening. Based on previous experiences models can be developed to tell how things will go.

The only way to truly own the future is to live in the now. This is a message that has been passed on by all the greatest teachers including Buddha and Jesus. Do the best you can now. Be the best person that you can be now.

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About Lanna World

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