Why you Should Travel to Greece this year

Many people have been concerned about the idea of travelling to Greece recently, and it doesnt help that our Facebook feeds and the news are continually showing that the refugee crisis is getting worse every day, and the situation in Europe seems to deteriorate.

However, theres no reason to not travel to Greece this year, and youre likely to enjoy lower prices, fewer tourists, and the chance to marvel at incredible historical sites.

Taking a holiday in Greece is a must for anyone who is interested in art, culture or history in the region, and youll also enjoy friendly people, incredible scenery, deep-blue water and mouthwatering Greek food.

Around 15% of the GDP in Greece comes from tourism, and the locals are known for their hospitality, friendliness and openness. Youll find that many Greeks will speak English, meaning you can easily start a conversation or ask for directions, and learn a little more about what life is like for the Greek people.


Be sure to visit the Acropolis which youll find looming over the city of Athens, and you can also visit Delphi, stop by the Peloponnese or get outdoors and explore the landscape which is bursting with ruins of temples, medieval castles and palaces.

If youre planning to visit Greece, you absolutely must see the Greek Islands. The hardest part will be choosing among the many options, but youll be sure to find the perfect island for your activity level and budget. Ferries leave every day and provide transportation between the islands, and theres also a shuttle bus located in the harbour which can take you to different boats.

Island hopping is a popular past time, but its a good idea to plan your itinerary around which islands connect to each other so you can easily travel between them. Here are some of the best islands to visit this year:


This island is almost like its own separate country, and youll find even more affordable food and accommodation here. This is the island to visit if you enjoy an abundance of seafood, pine forests, and of course, olive groves. This is the third largest island in Greece, and visitors get to enjoy many different landscapes, including gorgeous beaches, mountains and inland seas.



This is the most well-known island in Greece, and of course you cant miss it. The sunsets are known around the world, and for those who like wine, there are a number of wineries providing delicious vino for just a few dollars.


This is a favourite island for the wealthy and famous people, and you only have to browse Instagram to see why. The stunning beaches and pretty white houses make it the perfect option for honeymooners, students, and even families. Mykonos is home to some of Greeces best restaurants, so be sure to spend some time eating out and enjoying local Greek food with your loved ones.

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