How to deal with a receding hairline

Male pattern baldness is a common condition. In fact, around half of men have this type of hair loss by the age of 50 and it often starts when people are in their twenties or thirties. This doesnt stop the condition from causing embarrassment though and if youre losing your locks, you might be struggling to come to terms with the fact. To help you deal with your receding hairline, take a look at the following tips.


Learn to embrace the change

Hair loss can take some getting used to, but lots of people embrace the change and see it as a chance to revamp their image. So, rather than trying to come up with hairstyles that conceal your receding hairline, consider investing in a pair of clippers and shaving your head. Accepting your hair loss can be a liberating feeling and you might even prefer the way you look after your restyle. If you do lop off your locks though, make sure you check the results carefully using a handheld mirror before you showcase your new look.


Test out treatments

If youre not ready to come to terms with your receding hairline yet, you can investigate the treatments now on offer. These range from prescription-only medicines to over-the-counter shampoos. For example, Alpecin Caffeine shampoo has been shown to stimulate hair growth when used on an ongoing basis. Containing caffeine, it can be used to slow down the effects of male pattern baldness. You can get the treatment from high street pharmacies and specialist health websites like

Another option is Finasteride. Available on private prescription from pharmacies and doctors, this daily tablet is also used to combat the effects of hereditary hair loss and it can show positive results if taken continuously. Minoxidil is also a well-known hair loss treatment. Available without a prescription, it comes in lotion form and should be applied to the scalp each day.

Before you start using any hair loss treatment, make sure you read the instructions carefully and check if there are any potential side effects to watch out for.

Theres no getting around the fact that hair loss has the potential to cause embarrassment and to lower self-esteem. But by either learning to accept your changing appearance or by taking steps to stop the process, you should be able to banish any blushes and give your confidence a welcome boost.

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