Cheap ways to spruce up your apartment

Are you getting bored with the look of your apartment? Does it need a bit of a jazz up, but you’re a little short on funds?

Luckily, help is at hand.

You don’t need a major upheaval to make an apartment look a little different, or to spruce it up, and you don’t need endless pots of money either, which is just as well considering funds are often tight these days. There are plenty of ways you can get creative and give your apartment space a different look, without breaking the bank.


Consider a feature wall

A feature wall is basically when you wallpaper or paint one big wall and leave the rest neutral or blank. This is great on two levelsfirstly, it looks pretty funky and you have free rein to go a little crazy, because it’s not filling the entire space; and secondly, it saves money on wallpaper or paint, which can be expensive, because you’re not doing the entire room.

Move things around

Simply changing the layout of your apartment gives it a totally different feel, and you could even go as far as to change the rooms around. Who says that your living room has to be a living room? It could be a study or a bedroom! Your apartment, your rules.


Get crafty

You could cover existing furniture or chairs with new fabric to give it a totally different look, or you could get crafty with Decopatch and cover with different papers and glue it over to make it rock hard and sparkly. There are countless home interior craft methods you can use to spruce up your space and existing furniture, whilst also giving you a new hobby at the same time!

Throws make a huge difference

If you want a new sofa but can’t afford one, simply cover it with a brightly coloured throw and a few feature cushions for a seriously funky new take on an existing theme. As long as it’s comfortable still, without springs sticking up at all angles, you can change the look quite easily.


Go second hand

eBay is a good place to head for new bits and bobs for your apartment, which you can grab for a seriously bargain price, saving masses on a brand new price tag. Of course, check the quality, but overall you will be able to find some fantastic pieces. You could also head to gifting or Freecycle sites and see if you can find a second hand piece of furniture which you could varnish or do up, which would again save you a huge amount and change the appearance of your space.

Photos and collages

Everyone loves a photographic memory or two, and although you need to make sure you’re not cluttering up your space with too much on the walls or units, photos frames and collages are a fantastic way to personalise a space and give it a funky edge.

See, sprucing up your apartment doesn’t have to cost the earth!

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