Keeping Health On Holiday

If you’re an adventurous traveller, like me, you’re sure to visit at least one country that puts your stomach at high risk for a bad time. Even traveller somewhere else, with a different set of bacteria, can wreck havoc on your system. I have personally had too many holiday days wasted laying in bed, in close proximity to the bathroom, because I couldn’t risk a day’s worth of site seeing. It can be really disappointing to get sick while you travel, so here are some tips for keeping health on holiday:


1) Start with a Probiotic:

If you’re not using one already, why not? They are great for your gut health and ensure that you’re functioning at your best. It also gives you a little more strength to deal with some of the nasties you might discover overseas. A probiotic, before you even set off on your trip, is a great way to get your body as healthy as possible, hopefully giving you enough strength to get through your trip unharmed.

2) Have All Your Vaccinations BEFORE You Go:

Some people prefer to skip out vaccinations because they’re expensive. You know what’s expensive? Days or weeks in hospital because you caught something easily prevented with a vaccine. What’s worse than a week in hospital? A week in a foreign hospital, where you don’t speak the language and the medical care isn’t what you’re used to. Don’t risk it, get vaccinated.


3) Avoid “High Risk Food”

High risk foods include anything made with rice that might be sitting out a long time, such as sushi. Fruits and vegetables that might not have been sterilised – this is especially a problem in countries with poor drinking water. Ice that’s not made from drinkable water is also a big risk factor. Just be careful, try to eat piping hot food where you can, and if you’re unsure, skip it.

4) Get Informed About the Country Before You Go

Different countries have different risks, so read up about them before you go, so you know what you’re protected from, what you’re not, and how best to approach it if you develop certain symptoms. It’s also a good idea to ensure that your friends you’re traveling with have your travel insurance information, so if something crops up they can take care of it.

For more information on how to stay healthy holiday, please take a look at this interesting infographic by Simpson Millar. A little preparation now, will save you a lot of trouble in future.

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