Tips for choosing a thoughtful gift

They say its the thought that counts when it comes to the process of giving a gift, and whilst thats very true, have you ever received a gift from someone and wondered what the hell they were thinking at the time of buying it? It might seem like the most ungrateful thought, but weve all had it, and when youre buying something for someone special, you dont want that thought to be entering their mind!

Its for this reason its important to put a bit of time and effort into choosing the ideal and thoughtful gift for a special occasion. It might be a birthday, an anniversary, or simply just a token of appreciation for something someone has done for you.

So, to avoid that awkward thank you with a strange expression on the receivers face, heres a few tips on how to choose that thoughtful and impressive gift. For a great range of birthday gift ideas, read on or check out Gifts Direct.


Its not all about cost

You might think that you need to spend a fortune to impress the person youre gifting, but thats not always the case. Small things are often more meaningful than large gifts, and provided you have thought about the person and their likes and dislikes, money really doesnt come into it. Having said that, dont go stealing flowers from someones garden to gift on the cheap, because quite frankly thats just a bit mean.

Give some thought to their likes

We mentioned you have to give something that the person actually likes, so think about the things they enjoy; for instance, are they a fan of gardening? If thats the case, buy them something connected to their pastime. You want to choose something that isnt really connected to being functional, and by this I am saying that you shouldnt be buying your wife a new ironing board or something equally as domestic believe me, it wont go down well.


Is it useful?

There is a fine line between a gift being useful, and a gift being too domestic. We mentioned about the ironing board example, and whilst this isnt a good idea, you do want to buy something that they can actually use. Nick-nacks might look nice on the shop shelf, but theyre dust harbourers in a house, so do bear this in mind.

Quotes are always good

These days we all love a good quote, usually on Facebook with a picture of a sunset behind it, and if the person youre buying for is in this bracket, then why not purchase something with a few meaningful words on it? A plaque for the wall perhaps, or a cushion cover with a deep and meaningful quote will always go down well, and if you can choose something which means something to the person, i.e. about friendship or family, then youre onto a winner.

It really is the thought that counts, and if you heed this advice, the person youre buying for will be happy with their new gift.

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