Fantastic Concepts For Redesigning Every Room In Your House

Thinking about doing some redesigns in your home? Perhaps youve just bought a new one; its your dream come true. Or rather, it will be. At the moment, its probably looking a little bare, and you might need to make some small but necessary improvements. But, where do you begin with a home redesign? Whether you are looking to redesign the whole house or just a couple of rooms you will find that this is your ultimate guide. Im going to walk you through what you should do step by step, and it all starts, with a clean.

I kid you not, the first thing you should do before you spend any money is clean the entire house from top to bottom. I used to think cleaning from top to bottom was just a random phrase, but actually its literal. So, you clean the shelves knocking the dust on the floor, and then you vacuum it up. The importance of a good clean when moving into a new house is putting your own mark on it. If youve been living in the home for quite some time, it is just about making it look as good as it can be. Be sure you get in all the nooks and crannies where dust builds up. Once you have finished, you have successfully started improving your home without any cost involved at all. Dont worry, Im going to ease you into spending some cash.

Next, lets tidy up the place. Again, for a new home its probably going to be empty so feel free to scroll down a little further. But, for long time homeowners youre probably facing a problem called clutter. Youve been collecting pieces of furniture for years and never once thought; the house is looking a little full. The secret to good design is minimisation. If you want a room to look stylish, you need to select carefully what pieces of furniture you have in it, typically the minimum. So, for example in your living room there should be a chair for each person living there to sit on. You might have a television, a coffee table in the centre of the room and a few accessories. Thats all you need so clear the rest out and put it in the attic. You will be amazed by how much more stylish the room looks.

Your home might already be looking a lot better, but you still want to make some improvements. You need to decide how big these improvements are going to be, whether youll hire professional help and how much its going to cost. You may even want to consider speaking to an interior designer if youre focussing on one room. Professionally redesigning a whole house is not going to fit in most people’s budgets but one room should be affordable. For those of you who made this choice, this is where you stop. A designer will handle everything for you. Going on, Im going to talk about design concepts you can take on by yourself.


Redesigning The Living Room

We will start in the living room. Your design choice here will depend on what you want the room to be. There are lots of different uses a living room can have. You can turn it into a place for home entertainment, or somewhere for discussion. You can also have it be the ultimate room in luxury where you take any guests you want to impress visiting your home. The first thing that you should do is centre the room with a coffee table and position the furniture in a circle. Put the television in the corner out of the way or on the wall and remember what I said about the minimalist design. Keep the amount of furniture you have in the room low.

You may want to think about buying some new pieces of furniture. Now is the perfect time to buy the type of sofas you always wanted. You would be surprised how cheap you can find a good set of leather sofas for your living room online.

After that, dress the room up a little with some paintings on the walls. Again you can find some very stylish prints online that would look lovely. You can also consider dressing up the windows with a vase of flowers or some ornaments.

Then you might want to think about bigger changes. For instance, if you have enough money in the budget you could consider replacing the carpet with hardwood floors. These are very stylish, not to mention easy to clean. Also, you can purchase a rug and put it under the coffee table to accentuate this design feature.


Redesigning The Bathroom

Next, lets move on to the bathroom. Again you can opt for a big expensive design or something simpler. The choice is yours. I recommend starting with the little things by just adding a few accessories to the room. If you find your bathroom is overflowing with items, purchase a vanity cabinet to keep them in. This will make the space look tidier and more presentable. Your bathroom might be quite small so you want something that will make it look bigger. You could either add a long, wall mirror or paint the room a brighter colour. Dont think your bathroom needs to be colourful. As long as it stays clean, it can look lovely in a soft cream.

If you want your bathroom to look ultra stylish, you should look at bathroom furniture sets. This is a simple way to make sure that everything in the room matches and fits together nicely. Also, by buying pieces of furniture together, you can save on the cost of buying them separately. The type of furniture that you get is up to you, but I recommend starting by looking at the different designs available.

It may be that you want your bathroom to be a more comfortable space for relaxing and washing. Your best option here is to buy some candles, put them around the room to create a soothing atmosphere. You may also want to purchase a few incense sticks. If youre after a better washing experience, you can also replace your shower pump. This will give you the experience of bathing under a waterfall rather than a light drizzle. Finally, try adding some small pieces of art to the wall that match the room. For instance, a couple pottery dolphins or fish will give your bathroom, a friendly pleasant, character.


Redesigning The Kitchen

For the kitchen, its all about improving your cooking experience. You want it to look modern and stylish for sure but for the most part focus on buying the right equipment. You could upgrade your hob to an induction heating service. These only heat the service of the pan, not the whole ring. The design also looks futuristic, and it is quite attractive. You can match this modern tech with a new smart fridge. The smart fridge is the perfect piece of equipment for your new kitchen. It has an internet connection and can alert you when stocks are running low. This will also probably be the first time a fridge has ever said hello to you as you walk through the kitchen door.

With these two expensive pieces of equipment purchased, look to buy smaller accessories. I have just bought a nutribullet for my kitchen, and it is doing wonders for me. My body has never felt so good. Or, if you love your sleep you might want to think about getting a coffee maker. The latest models have timers so they can start making the coffee, ready for when you wake.

In terms of kitchen style, a highly sought after choice is the breakfast bar. The breakfast bar is the perfect place to dine with your family in the morning, and it makes your kitchen look very modern. You probably will not be able to install one yourself so look into companies that offer this service. Once you have it installed, you can think about adding some spotlights overhead to complete the design.


Redesigning The Bedroom

Last but not least, lets look at ways to improve your bedroom. For the bedroom, its all about the comfort. You want this to be the perfect place for a good nights sleep so start with the bed. Think about whether or not you need to upgrade it. Typically, if youre upgrading the bed, its a style choice. The mattress, on the other hand, is all about comfort. You could get a memory foam mattress if you like a soft feel, or something firmer if your back gives you trouble. Choose the right one for you and then move on to the curtains.

You might need to think about getting thicker curtains to block out the light. As for accessories, the bedroom is the best place to put up your family photos. You can have them on the walls as a homemade collage or on the chest of drawers next to your bed.

Finally, if youre looking to dress the room up, go back to the bed. Look for new duvet covers and throws to add some style and glam to the room.

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