3 Best Road Trips across Europe

Europe is just on our door step and yet many of us have never explored it! One of the best ways to take in lots of European countries in one go is to drive around them. We take a look at three of the best road trips across Europe.


Bergen to Oslo in Norway

Start at the ferry port with your car or rent one at the airport, and take the smaller road via Alvik joining the Oslo road at Eidfjord. The route is around 800 miles and showcases the best of Norways mountainous landscape. At Rollag and Uvdal, look out for gorgeous wooden buildings, sparkling fjords and conifer woods. Explore Arendal and Kristiansand for their upmarket shops and restaurants on the waterfront. Mandal, Norways most southern point, has a cute lighthouse. When you get back to Bergen, make sure that you spent some time there. It is a world heritage city, with gabled wooden buildings and cable cars up the mountains.


Alpine Road in Germany

A classic European drive, you can start at Lindau, an island town on Lake Constance. Make sure that before you leave you have a look around the town. It winds around the Bavarian Alps and is more interesting than the Romantic Road a more popular road though trickier to follow. Along with alpine meadows, mountain peaks, fairytale lakes and ancient forest, youll see the winter sport resort of Gamisch under Zugspitze and Neuschwanstein castle and Linderhof palaces of King Ludwig. The Neuschwanstein castle is saidto have inspired Walt Disney, so you can instantly conjure up what it looks like! You may also encounter the rather more sobering experience of the Dachau Concentration Camp.


Klausen Pass in Switzerland

Starting in Fluelen, you can enjoy majestic mountains and tiny villages. Head to Altdorf village square to see the monument of Swiss national hero, Wilhelm Tell and his son, and the Tell-Museum, and even the traditional Tell play. Continue on to the Schachental Valley and one of the most beautiful hiking paths in the world, the Eggberge Hohenweg path. This klausen pass is popular with motorists and cyclists, but it is also a part of the Alpine Pass Route, though it approaches the pass using a different route to the road.

Top Tip

When youre travelling through Europe in your car, it is vital that you take out European breakdown insurance, and look up the driving rules for the country youre visiting, because it isnt all that obvious or straightforward!


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