Tips for Decorating your New Home

If youve recently moved, or even purchased a new home, you may be a little intimidated by the idea of decorating it. Decorating your home is a chance to show your style, personality, and taste, but if youre not used to choosing things like furniture, curtains, or carpet, you may think that decorating is harder than it actually is.

Here are some tips for decorating your new home:


Invest in good Window Treatments

Window treatments are things like curtains and blinds, and this is where you want to make sure youre not scrimping. People who visit your home will naturally be drawn to the windows as they look outside, so avoid flimsy and unlined curtains and make an effort to buy your fabric at a specialty store and have them made.

Hang your curtains higher to the ceiling than the window in order to make them stand out, and choose neutral colours which wont date.

Shop for Furniture

When it comes to furniture, the best idea is to invest in a few key pieces which will last for years, and spend less on furniture which can be easily replaced. Wooden furniture is a classic way to make your house look both classic and modern, so think sturdy coffee tables and gleaming dining room tables. A comfy couch is a must, and this is something that can last for years and be re-purposed with new fabric.


Choose your lighting

Many people underestimate just how important lighting can be when it comes to showing off a room. Instead of the typical ceiling fans and boring lighting fixtures, invest in unique pieces like chandeliers and pretty lamps. These can be found for a surprisingly low price at flea markets and second-hand stores, and can give your room an interesting talking point for guests.


This can be something which causes much deliberation, discussion and even a few arguments. Colours are a personal choice, and yet no one wants to risk the colour of their walls looking old or tacky in a few years. This is why its best to choose neutral colours as you can then rotate your accent colours and youll have more choice when it comes to the colours of your furniture and curtains.



Pillows give a nice touch and can give an otherwise boring room and interesting and welcoming feel. Throw pillows are a must for oversized chairs, sofas, and loveseats, and you may find that the kids throw a few down in front of the tv or fire when they want to relax. The trick is to avoid store-bought pillows and go for large pillows which are at least 22 inches. Stick 24 inch inserts inside them and youll find that theyre far more comfortable and luxurious.

Pillows are also something which can show your personality, and youll find interesting pillow covers in markets around the world. This is also a good way to brighten up a room without going overboard.

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