Music vs Money, Who has a greater influence?

People are reckoned as the greatest influencers all time. Though at times, a few beg to differ. This is because there are other great influencers like movies and music, which is where our discussion lies today. However, between the two, which has the greatest influence on today’s generation, music or movies?



Other than money, music is the other universal language. Everyone everywhere can understand music. Maybe this is why it has such a great influence. This influence is not only seen on the youth but even on the adults and the kindergartners as well. Anyone who has access to music is prone to the influence that has. Music as a great influence and this is seen in the way that people dress and their moods change. Music is one thing that sways a person mood within seconds. This would explain why it has such a great influence when someone at the best gambling sites hit a huge jackpot as well.


Movies deal with motion pictures, and we all know that monkey see, monkey do. Therefore, we tend to do that which we see the most. This would explain why movies also have such a great influence. The manner in which a movie is made can have one believing that this is the way life should be. Yet, in actual fact, it isn’t. Movies have that power of reshaping the reality that we live in. This in itself is a powerful tool. Because the way our mind thinks will govern the way that tasks are carried out. Therefore, taking that reality, through movies and reshaping can be such a great influence on many individuals.

Greater influence?

Well, we think that casino online games are a greater influencer. Why? This is because they have real money involved and neither movies nor music offers people real money. In addition, where money speaks, we all tend to stop what we are doing and listen.

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