How Much Avocado Is Healthy To Eat Per Day?

You must know by now that Avocados are very delicious. Not only that, you will be delighted to know that they are also good for you.

Eaten at the perfect moment, you will reap a lot of benefits. Which is the perfect moment, you ask? Well, it is right after it ripens, but right before it turns brown and mushy.

In fact, an Australian millionaire has said that overpriced avocado is the reason why more millennials don’t own any property including the ones who play games at the best casinos in usa. As we speak, the internet buzz is crazy. In this regard, researchers will pay people to eat one avocado per day for the next 6 months!

Call it avocado-mania, call it whatever, people are crazy over avocado right now. You might slather it on your toast, add it in your smoothies, as a pre-dinner snack or chow down on chips. However, before you go on an avocado-devouring spree, you must know how much avocado is healthy to eat per day.


Why avocados are so good for you

Avocados have the combination of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats which make them a superfood. In fact, they contain 20 vitamins, magnesium and potassium. Actually, they are loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs).

These fatty acids help to keep you feeling full for longer. Furthermore, they slow down digestion and ultimately, help you lose fat. Moreover, research shows that these fatty acids may reduce depression and protect you against cognitive decline as we age. To top that, avocados are great for your skin and immune system. To show that Avocado is important, there’s even a game called “Avocado Slot Machine Fruit Game”. The game is available at many sites in Australia, America, South Africa and France. You can visit crazy vegas casino and find out which French casino has it.

How Much Avocado Is Healthy To Eat Per Day?

Research says that half an avocado a day is just perfect. Half an avocado contains about 161 calories and 14.5g of fat. Eating a whole avocado means you will be going over your daily recommended intake of fat. It’s important to watch your intake of saturated fats. The study says that a lot of saturated fat is associated with increased levels of heart disease and stroke.

Over time, if you overdo on avocado consumption, you may end up developing oral allergy syndrome. This leads to an itchiness in your mouth and throat as well.

The good news is, consuming cooked or heated avocado won’t produce the same reaction. Now, that’s something to smile about. Go on, have your healthy avocado snack.

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