3 Tips for Adapting Your Home for Later Life

Your home is your sanctuary from the world however as you age it can become increasingly more difficult to get around and to use your home. At some point it’s worth making a few simple investments to ensure that your house works for you throughout your changing seasons of life. Simple adjustments, such as adding in a stairlift, modifying your bathroom, or even adding in a ramp can ensure that your home continues to meet your needs. Often adapting your home to your needs is actually cheaper and much less stress than trying to sell your home and moving elsewhere, and best of all you can stay in your familiar neighbourhood. Read on for my top 3 tips for adapting your home for later life.

1. Add in a Stairlift
If you live in a house with stairs, then chances are at some point you’re going to begin to struggle going up and down them each day. I know of countless people who have chosen to move to downsize from a two storey home to a single storey home to get past the stairs issue, but the truth is there is an easier fix: adding in a stairlift from Age UK Mobility. A stairlift will allow you to maintain your independence and mobility in your home for years to come. Another concern with stairs in later life is the risk of having a potential fall and causing real damage to your hips. Installing a stairlift in your home means you can have peace of mind that you’ll be able to tackle the stairs each day without risking an injury.

2. Consider a Walk in Bath or Shower
Whether you’re using a wheelchair at home, or you just struggle a little with climbing, adding in a walk-in bath or shower will make bathing yourself that much easier. My goal, as I age, is to maintain as much of my independence as possible. Not only is this a smart decision financially, but I also enjoy being able to take care of myself and know this is something I want to continue as long as humanly possible. As such, being able to easily access my bathroom is important to me. Installing a new, easy access bathroom or shower can make a world of different. My shower has a seat installed, which means I’m able to rest as needed.

3. Consider Installing a Ramp
This is an obvious choice if you’re using a walker or wheelchair, as it means you can easily get in and out of your home each day. But if you’re experiencing discomfort climbing stairs, a ramp could be a good option for your home too. It can also be a sensible decision if one of your closest friends or family family members has mobility issues, as it will allow them to easily visit you. While it may seem a little pricey to install a ramp into your home, it’s something that’s also likely to add value to your home too, making it a great investment in the long term.

If your goal is to spend as long in your home as possible, then these three small adjustments can help ensure this is realistic option for you.

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