3 Great Ways to Get Your Family Out and About

Spending quality time together can be really difficult. Everyone has their own busy schedules, different friends and interests, and somehow carving out those hours to spend together just seems to slide down the list. 

But there are a few ways available to combat this, and one that’s particularly effective is booking an actual activity that you can all do together. This works because once the booking is made it becomes an official commitment rather than a vague suggestion; and it’s also a great idea if there’s any tension between family members (such as an argument or uncooperative siblings) as it gives everybody something to do which stops them getting on each other’s nerves.

So what are some ideas for this kind of activity? We think that a range of ideas could work, so we’ve made this handy list to give you some ideas – and then the world is your oyster!

  1.  Kayaking

Obviously, this one might be more or less feasible depending on where you live – but you’d be surprised how many towns boast a thriving adventure sports centre even where you wouldn’t think. Kayaking is suitable for beginners and many sports centres offer family packages which allow you and your family to go out for an adventure, either for a full or half day, and learn something new. Something unusual like kayaking can be a real  bonding experience, and definitely something for the kids to talk about at school the next week!

  1. Tennis

The perfect mix of active and fun, tennis is a great sport to get into as a family. Not only does it mean you can play together, but additionally it’s a sport you can follow as a family too, maybe even attending matches together. Additionally, this is an activity that works for everybody at once or if just a couple of family members are free, making it a really versatile activity – and all everybody needs is a tennis racket!

  1. Theatre

Though theatre trips can be expensive, once in a while they can be a really nice way to get the family together for a bit of culture and a nice evening out – and, it’s surprisingly low effort while being a really enjoyable experience, as once you’re at the venue all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show (and maybe a few sneaky sweets from the counter). 

It can be hard to know what to do to get the family together – hopefully we’ve provided a couple of ideas to get you started!

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About Lanna World

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