Vacation for VIP: Santorini and Mykonos

What Does ‘‘Vacation VIP’’ Mean?

“Vacation VIP” can mean many different things and can come in many shapes and sizes. Usually, it’s not so much about a tangible value, but more about your overall experience and the way you feel.

“Vacation VIP“ is the kind of vacation where extraordinary places meet extraordinary services. It’s the kind of vacation where you feel special and as comfortable as you would in your own home – if not more.

Speaking about exceptional places, could you think of any better choices than the two most famous Greek islands, Santorini and Mykonos? They are some of these beautiful places where you can feel the true “Vacation VIP” experience.

Elite Estates: Synonym of VIP Vacation Services

If you wonder which is the right person or company to help you out on trying to organize a special holiday experience in Greece, we’ve got you covered!

Elite Estates is a full-service luxury villa rental company dedicated to creating authentic travel adventures. It offers you massive support, including a team of villa specialists dedicated to finding the perfect home for your stay. You will also receive a concierge service to assist you with any detail you may have in mind, big and small.

The portfolio of Elite Estates consists of many high-quality private villas set all over Greece, with a focus on the Greek islands of Mykonos & Santorini.


VIP Services That Elite Estates Offer

When a perfect greek luxury villa has been chosen, a personal concierge service will take care of everything. You can experience a gourmet chef at the villa rental, schedule a day of spa services, charter a boat to find your private beach, plan your own special event, or enjoy the finest dining in the best restaurants. You can also have your personal security if you are looking for maximum safety.

Still, if you have any other special requests in mind, Elite Estates is ready to cater to your needs. That’s what “Vacation VIP” means in practice. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with them and speak your mind!

Transfer Services

With long experience in the tourism industry, Elite Estates offers luxurious and safe transportation with deluxe cars & minivans.

VIP Vehicles Or Minivans 

Booking luxury cars and minivans, with or without a chauffeur, is the ideal option for you to move easily around the island, discover amazing beaches, go out for the night, and get to and from the airport.

Jets & Helicopters

You can enjoy a wonderful trip by choosing private flights, booking Jets, or helicopters. Fly safely, privately, and quickly to the destination you want without any delays.

Be amazed by the magic of the Aegean from above! Excursions, air cruises, and aerial sightseeing can be arranged daily. Discover the best of what Mykonos has to offer, the famous Santorini sunset, a flight over the volcano as well as the nearby islands from an amazing angle.

Yachts & Speed Boats

Rent yachts and speed boats for daily cruises to the nearby islands for swimming and traditional lunch with fresh fish and seafood. Can you imagine that?

A cruise like that, with an experienced captain and staff, can provide you with all services necessary for a romantic getaway or a vivid party event!

Beauty Spa

Would you be interested in letting yourself in the hands of experts and enjoying an unforgettable experience in your own luxury world of beauty? Elite Estates offers you a variety of treatments that aim to make you feel fresh and revitalized.

Choose from a wide range of well-known massage sessions, including smooth body treatments matched to your personal fitness goals, or facial treatments that release tension and hydrate your skin.

Private Chefs Catering

You probably already know about authentic Greek cuisine! Elite Estates offers you the opportunity to enjoy any meal by top chefs, who specialize in providing exceptional dining services for every occasion and turn your subversive ideas into reality. 


Personal Security

Elite Estates protective services set the stage for their client’s operation, safely and effectively.  Highly trained professionals will keep you, your loved ones, and your guests safe from any possible threats.

Special Event Planning

If you wish to plan a special event, Elite Estates provides unique event-planning services. Is it a corporate event, a sensational wedding, a memorable christening, or a thrilling party in one of the luxury villas? Elite Estates has you covered.

They will organize your event from A to Z down to the detail. All you have to do is relax and enjoy an outstanding day or night which will be managed and designed to perfection!

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