Five Ways to Make Money for Travel

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what your situation is, when that trip calls it can be difficult not to answer. Life finds you in strange places. Right now things are in flux and transition. If it’s time to take advantage of this uncertainty and go on a life-changing trip, the only thing left to worry about is money. Where will you go? How long? What is the currency like for the people of the world? The standard of living? Whatever your next adventure, you always need money to keep it going. When you want to not go on vacation but to do some serious traveling, you may need to get creative about how you fund them. Here are five ways to make some money for a trip.

Work While You’re Gone

If you’re trying to travel long-term, one of the best ways to get it done is by working when you’re gone. Not only do you have plenty of options to teach English, work on a farm, or do a number of jobs you are qualified for, it is an intelligent and lucrative way to find your travels. It also provides a completely different view of the place you’re working. People will respect you more. You will make more friends. You will have a real look into a culture and people. Working while you’re traveling doesn’t sound like the most enticing option for a lot of people, but if you can commit to it you will find untold pleasures and experiences.

Sell Your Car

Whether you’re moving to a city where you don’t need a car or at a transitional phase in life, selling your car to fund travel is always an option. It goes without saying that you should think about what you will do when you get back, but that’s not always the way travelers want to live. A platform like is an easy way to sell your car quickly and get some cash for a trip abroad. This is obviously a big life choice, but if nothing is holding you back. Why not? You will be able to get a new car when you get back, you’ll just have to be okay with the risk.

Sell Your Property

Another big move is selling your property. When a big life event happens that prompts a long-term adventure, selling your property may not seem so crazy. This is especially true if you have plenty of money and a way to safely land when you get back from your trip. Without a car or a place to live to go back to, you will experience the world in a very different way. You will figure out ways to have experiences without spending a fortune. Your travels will become your entire life. This is a scary idea for some, but you will never know how it feels until you do it. It leads to anxiety, but also growth.

Work Your Job Remotely

If it’s possible for you, another option is to work remotely at your job or get one where you can work online. You will likely use whatever place you’re in as your home for a few weeks or months—working during the day and experiencing the place on nights and weekends. It’s a different way to see a country or city, taking more commitment and a longer itinerary. When you’re lucky enough to have this opportunity, why wouldn’t you take it?

Find a Market Research Gig

Since data is everything in this digital economy, you can provide market researchers information in certain places and about certain topics. There’s a huge amount of different market researchers who will hire you to do remedial tasks for them, but it’s a great way to keep money coming in while you’re traveling. Do your research about these positions and don’t give up. It may end up keeping you going in the end.

When travel is imminent and staring you in the face, money is probably the thing you are worried about the most. Making money before leaving or on the road is a great way to keep up the pace and fund your pleasures. It’s a delicate balance. Once you strike it, you might find yourself living comfortably within the business of instability. 

Ryan Beitler is a writer, journalist, and travel blogger who has written for a wide variety of publications. 

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