Explore Schengen Countries With Your Schengen Visa

Sometimes there’s a part of the world you just want to explore, and you’re not too interested in other places. Often, this is a whole country such as China, Russia, Brazil or Greece – other times, it’s more of a region. Is one of those regions the Schengen countries for you? This region of Europe is made up of 26 states, including four non-EU members. The states include France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, and a huge chunk of the rest of mainland Europe as well as Iceland.

This region of countries has its own dedicated type of visa, which enables you to travel freely through all participant countries. This is known as the Schengen visa, to apply for which you will need to gather a few documents including a Schengen visa application form, a passport size photo, a dummy flight ticket, hotel bookings and travel medical insurance. The approval rating for a Schengen visa is very high, but nonetheless, you should always be sure to go through a reputable service like VisaBookings for a stress-free experience! Once you’ve got your Schengen visa application dealt with, you can just focus on planning your trip – so what are the most interesting countries you can visit with this Schengen visa? Have a read of this list before you start booking your flight itinerary.


Famed for its lavender fields and romantic cities, there are so many reasons to visit this beautiful country – whether you’ve always wanted to climb the Eiffel Tower, explore the fields of Provence, there will be something in this country for you.


Full of stunning castles, and aspiring cathedrals as well as more delicious traditional food than you could know what to do with, Germany is a fascinating country ideal for city breaks and historical exploration.


One of the most historically rich countries in Europe, in Italy you can visit Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Naples, Milan… some of the fashion and art capitals of the world, with stunning architecture to boot. Italy is also world-renowned for its food, so be prepared to return from this country a little heavier than when you left it!


Whether you want to get your Flamenco shoes on or simply lie back and enjoy dish after dish of paella, Spain is a vibrant country filled without people and beautiful cities, from Barcelona to Sevilla


Listed as the world’s happiest country, Finland has a unique language and culture which are fascinating to experience. If you love your coffee, then Finland is the country for you – surprisingly, they are the world’s biggest coffee drinkers!


A fascinating and tiny country with a population of just over 300,000, Iceland is absolutely worth a visit. The whole country is available for wild camping, and its history is rich in folklore – with over 50% of the population still claiming to believe in elves and other mythical creatures. Iceland also has some truly beautiful landscapes to enjoy, not to mention volcanoes. Always remember when travelling, especially to somewhere more inaccessible like Iceland, that you should make sure your travel medical insurance is up to date so you aren’t left high and dry if something goes wrong.


A country with an interesting and unusual pacifist history, Switzerland is home to some beautiful mountains, noisy cuckoo clocks, and some of the world’s best chocolate. Make sure to visit Lake Geneva while you’re here!


With its rugged coastlines and fjords and beautiful winter scenery, Norway should definitely be top of your list to visit in the Schengen region. It has beautiful cities as well as stunning landscapes to offer, and whether you want to go for an exciting skiing holiday or just to see the northern lights and relax this could be the country for you.

So there you have it, these are the top countries you should put on your Schengen itinerary after you’ve finalised your VisaBookings – so get booking, and enjoy your trip!

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