Fancy Having A Home Entertain Room In Your Home? Now You Can

With cinema prices continuing to rise I understand if youre thinking about setting up a movie room in your home. Ive been thinking about it myself actually, looking into how much it would cost and whether it would be worth it. Im leaning towards the idea that it would and I might get on that once I get back from my next trip. But for all you guys staying at home, heres how to do it on a budget.


1. Choose A Room And Repaint

Unless you have a room that is already painted a particularly dark color, you’re going to need to repaint. If you want my advice, try a dark blue or red paint, because it will reflect less light off the walls. The reason for this is that you want the cinematic experience. You get this when the lights go off in the cinema, and since there are no windows and dark paint, it becomes pitch black. Unfortunately, I seriously doubt you have a room in your home without windows, but if you have the funds, it may be a good idea to add a cinema room onto your home. Although wood framing is still more common, steel is growing in popularity for residential construction. Due to its durability and strength, you can design a custom media room without support walls or posts in the middle. Check out armstrong steel reviews to see what others have to say about their new custom steel buildings.

2) Comfy Chairs

Of course, theres a key advantage to being at home watching films and television. You can sit in some luxurious chairs while you enjoy the movie. Youll have to buy them first though. While browsing the net the other day, I found some great armchairs online, but you might also want a sofa. Particularly if you want to make a movie watching a family activity. Apart from that, Id keep the rest of the furniture in this room to a bare minimum. This is a way to get the best audio because it doesnt bounce off lots of different objects and get lost. Again, if its the cinematic effect youre after this is the way to do it.


3) Thick Curtains

You need to find the thickest curtains you can or invest in some blackout blinds. Ideally, you want the room to be pitch black when there is nothing switched on but this isnt always possible. Just do your best to limit the amount of natural light that seeps into the room if you can.

4) The Big One

Obviously the big decision is choosing what screen to get. You could opt for a TV or a projector system. Do you want 1080p, 4K or are you going to wait for 8K? And, is it still worth investing in a 3D set. So, lets get those answers out the way. If youre going for a screen thats 75 inches or more, by all means opt for 4K. However, anything lower and you wont see the difference. 3D is currently still worth buying if you enjoy watching it, and passive 3D is better quality than active. 8K, when its released will only be noticeable on screens 100 inches plus so it depends on how much space you have. Finally, if you are using a projector system make sure you are not just projecting the image onto a wall. You wont get a good quality picture.


5) Sound

The last thing you need is a sound system. I know many people swear by sound bars and if you want a cheap surround sound, these work fine. But they dont measure up to the incredible experience youll get if you set up speakers all around the room. I guarantee it.


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