Top Tips for Improving your Photography

Are you one of those people who has a DSLR and only shoots on Auto, cause they really dont know what theyre doing? Are you so embarrassed by your lack of skill that youve decided to embrace the iPhone and your camera is shamefully tucked away in a closet somewhere?

If this is you, you may have given up on your dreams to take great photos and show off to your family and friends. But this is a mistake, and you can definitely still learn.

Here are some top tips for improving your photography:


Take the time to get educated

Heres the thing, while you can certainly learn a fair amount simply by playing around with your camera, to truly understand the way it all works you need help from the experts. Take a photography class or course which can help you master those basic skills or improve on what you already know. Other good resources include magazines, blogs, the Digital Photography School, and YouTube.

Invest in Good Equipment

One of the reasons why I found photography so hard, was that I only had my basic Canon camera and the kit lens it came with. If youre aiming to really get good at photography youll need to invest in equipment which allows you to grow as a photographer. Once you have a DSLR, choose a few good lenses which you can practice with. You can find some great camera websites which have everything you need to improve your photography.


Dont rush it

The way I used to take photos was to find something I wanted to take a photo of, and then take around 10 different photos all of the same thing. At least four of them will be crooked, so I figured I should hedge my bets and do my best to ensure that I had at least one which was ok. This is not the way to get good photos. Ive slowly learned to slow down, pick my moments, consider the angles, choose the best light, and take one or two photos which I have actually thought about. This means that I get to take in the moment, and my photography has improved significantly.


This one is easy to say, and hard to implement. The truth is, as much as people tell us to practice, when youre not good at something youre unlikely to enjoy it. But if you want to get better at photography the only way is to actually get out and shoot. Youll learn how to adjust for different environments, youll get better and finding interesting angles and moments, and your confidence will improve. Commit to practicing your photography at least once or twice a week and youll soon see results.


Process those photos

Many people assume that the pros take great photos and thats it. But shooting is only the first part of the journey, and those photos then need to be processed in Photoshop. There are some excellent books and blogs which can teach you all you need to know about processing your photos.

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