The Best of Taraji P. Henson

Here is one woman who will definitely make fun casino online slot games. 50 year-year-old Taraji P Henson has been in the movie industry for decades now.   And, we cannot say that hers was one of the smoothest and easiest. According to the actress, she only started getting lead roles in movies after starring in a number of Tyler Perry movies. Despite that, she eventually made it and here are some of our favourite movies from her.

What Men Want

We can undoubtedly agree that this is the best comedy movie from the actress. The talent gets to play the role of Allison, also known as, Ally. Ally is part of a male dominated sports management company. Somehow, gender biases lead to her missing out on becoming partner.  And, it looks like a freak accident was what she just need to be able to get in the minds of these men. Not forgetting that she gets to find true love in the process as well.

Baby Boy

This was one of the first roles that bought out her potential back in 2021. No wonder why she ended up dating Tyrese Gibson in real life. The romance between the two was quite undeniable. Taraji play a love struck woman who will do whatever it takes to make her relationship. But, the toxicity of the situation keeps pushing them apart.


A lot of emotion are brought out in this movie. Therefore, you might need to have a few tissues besides you as you watch. Henson plays the role of a bitter woman who has had her life wasted away all in the name of love. Just when she decided to walk away from the toxic relationship, things start blooming for her estranged husband. Melinda somehow feels that she has been short changed and she gets into uncontrollable rage. The movie will give you a chance to laugh, cry, and you might end up being just as enraged.

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