Research Shows Geo-targeting and Virtual Stores Could Change the way we Shop

A recent survey by MyVoucherCodes has discovered exactly what people are hoping to see when it comes to shopping over the next 10 years.

The fashion industry has always been good at embracing both new trends and new technology, and with 3,486 adults from the UK surveyed by the online voucher code website, the industry now has plenty of feedback from customers.

When asked how much time they devoted to clothes shopping each month, most female respondents (26%) said that they spend between 3 and 6 hours in stores, while 46% of males said it was closer to 1-2 hours each month.


These people were then asked to focus on how important technology was when it came to the way they shop. 43% of people agreed that technological changes are very important.

Respondents were then directed to picture the future 10 years from now and choose from a list of potential technological changes to the way we shop.

25% of females liked the idea of personalised holographic mannequins, and another 25% thought that geo-targeted voucher codes and discounts were most important.

Virtual stores with touch screens were a close runner up at 23%, while 20% of females loved the idea of having self-service and contactless payment. Just 8% of women thought that changing rooms connected to social media were important.


For men, contactless and self-service payment came in at 27%, and 24% of them loved the idea of virtual stores with touch screens. Personalised holographic mannequins were deemed important by 21% of guys, with geo-targeted voucher codes and discounts coming in at 19%. Surprisingly, more men than women were interested in having social media connected to their changing rooms, and 9% thought that this was the most important change.

Founder of MyVoucherCodes Mark Pearson spoke about the results, saying that the aim of the research was to discover exactly how customers see themselves shopping in the future, and the technological advances that Britons feel would make the experience both faster and better.

He also said that mobile technology will have a huge impact, and the way we shop will no doubt be changed by the way we use newer technology.

Like most new changes, these newer technologies may seem scary at first, but will soon become the normal way to shop- just like how many people cant imagine living life without a smartphone, even though theyve really only been around for a few years.

Todays generation of young people are used to having technology at their fingertips, and are expected to quickly embrace any new technology that makes their shopping easier.

Some of these ideas are already available, and in many countries its the norm to pay for your groceries with a contactless card and use self check-outs. With the rise of apps like Apple Pay etc, we can expect shopping to be a faster, more fun, and easier experience within the next 10 years.

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