3 Great Family Holiday Ideas

Planning a holiday for your family can be a difficult task, especially with all the myriad of choices to choose from nowadays. Whether your family is full of adventurers, or you are a group that enjoykicking back and relaxing, you can easily find a vacation stylethat works for every member. So if youre looking into planning your familys getaway now, and are wondering what options might best suit you, here are 3 great opportunities that you might enjoy.


A Camping Trip

There are few things that bring a family together more than the chance to get outside and explore the natural world, and if you’re considering getting your family into nature then a camping holiday might be right for you. There are a variety of different ways this can be done, from doing a hiking and camping trip, to simply pitching your tent near a lake or scenic spot and enjoying your time away from the distractions of day-to-day life. Planet Camping offer everything you need for a memorable camping experience at a really reasonable price. One of the main advantages of camping is that it reduces the amount of distractions that often interfere with families spending quality time together. There are no electronicsTVs, computers, cell phones etc.to get in between you and your loved ones enjoying quality time with on another. Be sure, however, that your kids are comfortable with the concept of sleeping in a tent in the outdoors, as a lack of proper sleep and rest can turn the trip into a grumpy affair.

Renting a Villa

If youre after something with little more amenities than a tent, then renting a villa is a great holiday option as it provides your family with a home-like atmosphere to enjoy your holiday time together. This can be more preferable to staying at a hotel or resort, as all family members can have their own rooms and private areas to relax and unwind on their own should feel they need, but also creates a space where you can all enjoy your time together.Renting a villa from a company like Villa Plus means that you will be eating, cooking, and living together much as you do at home, but without the stress and worries of work and school life. Before you rent a villa, however, be sure that you have transportation and local stores around as most often you will have to take care of your own shopping and cleaning and daily chores.


All-Inclusive Holiday

If youre after something simple and easy, then an all-inclusive family style holiday could be just what you and your family members need. Having to plan-out things like meals, cleaning, and transportation is counter to what some people want to do when enjoying their time off, and in this case ease of an all-inclusive holiday will make your vacation one to remember. The only downside of resort style vacation is that you will have to deal with larger crowds, which means you will have less privacy and peace-and-quiet than you otherwise would on a more solo family vacation. But if the hands-off approach is the most stress free way for you to vacation, youre sure to enjoy your time at an all-inclusive resort.

Family holidays dont have to be difficult to plan, just be sure to ask your family members what matters most on a vacation to them.

Images byNick Bramhall, Martin Robson andVellas Vallarta used under the Creative Commons license.


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