Safe Places For Women To Travel Alone To

In these progressive times more and more women are taking the initiative to travel on their own. However, there still remains a big number of those who would like to, but are scared. There’s nothing to be afraid of! Perhaps certain places tend to be more dangerous than others, but there are some destinations that you will be able to go to without a shadow of a doubt. Some of them might require a little more money from you, but with coupons for Hotwire or Neiman Marcus and plenty of other useful services you will be able to book the transportation and hotels, buy clothes and luggage for your journey and everything else you need on a budget. Now let’s take a closer look at some of the safest places for women to travel to:



Many consider Amsterdam to be the land of debauchery, a place for drug culture enthusiasts. In reality, Amsterdam has some of the stricter laws in the region and all of the aforementioned activities are highly regulated, taking place in clandestine locations. The vibe here is very calm and relaxed, making it a great place for solo female travelers. You can rent a bike, explore the canals and get a taste of the local culture without any worry!


Bali provides a number of relaxing travel experiences, as you can enjoy there local architecture including the temples, yoga and the beautiful beaches. There are also a wide range of inexpensive places to stay and order a great meal. Budget travelers who are on a backpacking expedition will usually run into other like minded travelers which makes for a great friend-making occasion, while there are also resorts for the more wealthier vacationers.



This is a great destination for the tomboy traveler, with plenty of pubs that offer great food, terrific beer and an amazing place to spend nights watching football matches. Those who are less interested in sports and alcohol can head to the countryside and partake in a true Irish experience. Beware, however, that this is not a country that is known for its great weather. But don’t be discouraged there are many other advantages of this beautiful place to discover!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers solo female travelers with a chance to get away from it all and spend their vacation relaxing on a sandy beach or investigating the rain forests. These beaches and green areas provide a picture perfect backdrop, but if you’re not into peace and calm only, those who are more adventurous can partake in a surf safari. Yoga aficionados are able to head to Nosara for their famed retreats.



Iceland’s name may sound intimidating to most and even its nickname (The Land of Fire and Ice) comes across as imposing, which can scare off prospective female travelers before they’ve had the chance to book a flight. However, Reykjavik is a common area for solo female travelers who are looking to enjoy the nightlife and mingle with fellow vacationers and Iceland is a very easy country to navigate, even for the uninitiated. While there are a variety of reasons to visit Iceland, its untouched natural beauty is what keeps bringing people back!

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