Great apps for cost-effective holidays

Despite all of us loving a good holiday, most of us wont appreciate the financial outlay. But with the help of some handy flight apps, mapping tools and even some online casino games, we can all afford to go on holiday with just a little extra luxury!

Checking for cheap flights online has unfortunately turned into something of an information deluge, with many flight comparison sites adding on extra service charges at the very last minute. Thankfully there are a few ways to ensure you can keep your costs down with the likes of Skyscanner stating that you can usually get the lowest European flight price by booking seven weeks in advance.


And similarly when it comes to dealing with the hassles of the modern airport experience, the App in the Air flight assistant can provide you with the latest flight information and help you manage your various boarding and check-in times – all without necessarily being connected to the internet. The app can also save you some cash at the airport by providing local information so that you can find some decent food without breaking the bank!

One of the hardest things about landing in your new foreign destination is finding your hotel. And whilst getting a taxi might be a convenient option, it can be more cost-effective to use public transport which has been made a whole lot simpler thanks to the Citymapper app which can do much to help understand the subways in Tokyo or even the tram system in Rome.


And for those of us who like leaving it to the last minute, the Hotel Tonight app can help you be a little more spontaneous and hunt down some great accommodation bargains that can simply be purchased in just three taps and a swipe of your smartphone.

Once youre in your room you may be tempted to sample the extravagant nightlife of your chosen city. But when your XE currency converter app has revealed the staggering price of going out abroad, you may be tempted to keep things a little more low key. In which case, you can always browse through Lucky Nugget’s top 10 casino based films so that you can save some cash, and the site also features some user-friendly games of blackjack, slots and roulette so that you can even make some extra pocket money through their lucrative prize winnings


Using a smartphone to play online games of roulette and blackjack also reveals the potential for mobile devices to help us communicate with our loved ones from afar without having to pay extortionate mobile bills. The popular messaging app Viber now allows you make video calls over a Wi-Fi connection so that you can boast about your online casino successes and exotic beach excursions with your friends completely free of charge.

So from casino games that can give you a little extra pocket money, to handy apps that help you find cheap airport food, theres certainly many ways that apps can help us have cheaper and better holidays!


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