Fun activities to do with kids

In a world of iPads, it can be tricky to find fun activities for the whole family, especially when many kids are somewhat addicted to their smart devices. There are some excellent family-friendly activities though, so here are some of the best activities to keep your kids happy and entertained these summer holidays:

Horse Riding

Horse riding is an activity thats fun for the whole family, regardless of your individual skill level. Check out Scenic NSW Horse Riding Sydney, and youll find the welcoming and experienced team have plenty of different horses and ponies available for all riders. Whether youre introducing little kids to their first pony ride, or taking older and more experienced kids on an advanced trail ride, horse riding is an excellent way to get outdoors, enjoy nature, and have a fun family bonding experience.



For a country with as many beaches and pools as Australia, there are still many accidents and drownings each year. The holidays are the perfect time to ensure that your kids swimming skills are up to speed, and a great opportunity to enrol them in lessons each week, or take them to the pool yourself on weekends.

Make sure your kids are able to tread water, float on their backs, and know about proper pool safety so you can feel comfortable when theyre near water. There are also many fun outdoor water parks so the kids can go on water slides and other rides with their friends.


For little kids, this may be more of a gentle walk, but taking the kids out to a hiking trail in the school holidays is a great way to teach them about nature. There are plenty of games you can play, along with some really cool apps which can let kids match the flowers and plants they find to the name and information in the app- allowing them to learn while theyre having fun.



No kid wants to spend their entire holidays learning, which is why you need to disguise the learning time. Encourage your kids to write a story, and spend some time writing one with them so you can all tell each other stories before bed time. Now is also a good time to check if their reading skills are at the best level, so head down to the local library and let the kids take out as many books as their cards allow. Even if theyre picking up comic books, at least theyre showing an interest in reading in their spare time.


While its great to take the kids away over the holidays, many people will find that their budget doesnt quite stretch to a holiday in Southeast Asia. Instead, take a road trip down the coast, or splurge for cheap flights to Melbourne if thats within your budget. These are the types of experiences that kids will enjoy, and you can see plenty of beautiful Australian scenery without spending tons of money.

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