6 of the Best African River Safari Destinations


Africa is known for its scenic beauty and nature, having some of the finest river safaris in the world. You can experience wildlife at its best while paddling across the finest rivers in the country. Here are the top river safari destinations in Africa.

The Victoria Falls in Zambia

The river safari at Victoria Falls offers all nature lovers an enchanting safari experience. Victoria Falls is almost 350 feet tall and 5500 feet wide, falling into a beautiful gorge making it a sight worth treasure. Embark on a mystical journey in a safari boat cruising across Zambezi River. The game viewing at Victoria Falls is one of a kind where you can experience different wildlife species during your safari adventure.

The river safari at Victoria Falls is an exclusive experience paired with exceptional game viewing, adventure and numerous picturesque landscapes.

Masai Mara

If youre looking for a safari holiday that will encompass a range of safari tours, then you should consider getting yourself booked on the Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru safari tour. On this tour, youll be able to view the thousands of flamingos and birds that reside on Lake Nakuru. You can then explore Masai Mara and its meandering river. The river is home to hippos, crocodiles and a range of predators.


The Chobe River is a popular river safari destination housing the Chobe National Park. The park offers immense diversity where you can opt for a land safari and river safari experience. The river safari experience is one of a kind as adventure seekers get a chance to be close to nature.

Chobe is undoubtedly one of those countries in Africa with a rich wildlife. The river safaris in the region are a habitat of the largest elephant herd. Moreover, the floodplains, hippopotamuses and crocodiles along the shoreline make Chobe ideal for a river safari excursion.

The river safari experience at Chobe is amazing with herds of zebras, elephants and buffaloes. Moreover, if you are into bird watching then Chobe river safari needs to be on your bucket list.


The Okavango Delta is known for its mystique, wildlife and breath-taking riverbeds. Being a habitat to different animal species, Okavango is perfect for individuals who desire a luxurious game viewing experience. Moreover, the area features birdlife making bird watching a sight worth reminiscing.

The river safari at Okavango is a delightful experience, where adventure lovers experience the raw beauty of Africa. The Okavango Delta is known to be a popular unspoilt tourist destination amid mass tourism in the region. If you are still contemplating a trip to Africa, then imagine the chirping of birds and grunting of hippos as your true natures calling.

Kwando and Selinda

Kwando and Selinda is situated at the Bostwana border shared with Namibia. The area is known for its Linyanti waterway with streams, rivers and marches making it ideal for river safari. The Liyanti Waterway meets the Kwando River where diverse wildlife resides making game viewing exceptional for tourists.


  • Zambezi River


The Zambezi River is known for its river safari where tourist paddle their way across the river to experience different species of animals and birds. You will cross many crocodiles and hippos on the way while passing Mana Pools. Here you can experience wildlife in its natural setting observing their intriguing behavioural patterns. If you are up for a richer experience, then you can camp at the remote islands in the vicinity.

The paddle experience is one of a kind at Zambezi where you can sight birds and wildlife. Enjoy the serene nature undisturbed by the splashing of the paddle.

Africa houses the best river safari destinations. If you desire to experience nature at its best, then plan your next trip at the earliest.


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