5 Tips for Transforming Your Travel Business

pexels-photo-169658The travel industry can be extremely competitive, because there’s so many destinations around the world and so many companies clients can work with. So how do you stand out above the rest? I’ve been working in the travel industry for the past 7 years, solely online, and have found a few things to be absolutely essential to improve the reach of your travel business, and in turn get more leads. Here are my top 3 tips for transforming your travel business:

1. Get on Social Media

The younger generations seem to go to sleep and wake up with their phones attached to their hands. While I wont comment on the effects this is having on society, it’s obvious that this is an extremely efficient way to get your travel brand more exposure. In my experience, Facebook has become harder and harder to get decent views and other social media platforms are becoming a stronger asset for businesses. I suggest having an active Facebook page, with all your business information updated in the about section, but also get an Instagram account. Because travel is such a visual experience, an Instagram filled with amazing and intriguing travel photos is an excellent way to find customers and build up a loyal following.

2. Consider Working with a Travel PR Specialist

Many people find themselves with a business they grew from the ground up, but at some point without external expert advice, most organic businesses find themselves reaching a point where an external influence is required in order to give them the boost they really need. Travel PR is a great way to put your business on the map, to get the exposure you want and need, and to ensure your business keeps thriving. It’s a worthwhile investment that can take your business to the next level.

3. Do Collaborations

Maybe you would like to collaborate with some high profile bloggers, there’s many ways that you can do this in order to increase your exposure. One example is working with a contra deal, meaning that you offer the blogger or vlogger something in exchange for ‘free’ exposure. Suggestions of things you could offer a blogger can include: free accommodation, activity passes, meals in restaurants, beauty services and so forth. In exchange, the blogger or vlogger will create a story about your services, hopefully helping to provide you with more search engine optimisation behind the scenes, as well as more exposure from people reading about your products and services.

Use these three tips in order to drive more traffic to your business and to increase profits. These simple changes will make serious differences in your income if implemented properly, so give them a go!

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About Lanna World

Lanna World is a travel blog mixed with a lifestyle blog. Sadly I can't be traveling all the time, so while I'm at home - saving for travel - I'll write lifestyle posts. Right now, I'm living in New Zealand, planning to travel to Europe at the end of 2015. I can't wait.

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