Coordinating Wood Flooring With Your Décor

It’s no secret that wood flooring has its own special charm and charisma, as well as being very durable and easy to maintain. There are always ways you can make the most of your floors by paying attention to what décor it goes with. So what flooring goes best with which interior theme?


Vintage is all the rage right now and interior is no exception! From shabby chic furniture to pastel colours, there are so any of us who have fallen in love with this fantastic style. With this being said, a distressed oak or whitewashed wood flooring will do the trick perfectly, really emphasising that ‘worn out look’. Colour isn’t really important here, but we’d say go either dark or light and not in the middle! This will really make your interior take off and complement the retro furniture in your room.


If clean modern lines is more to your taste, then you’ll be glad to know that the flooring options are pretty much endless. With this in mind, we’d go for a prime grade oak with minimal knots, really showing off that clean cut appearance. You can even go for a shiny walnut wood that will really make things looks fresh and modern! Just don’t get something with too much going on.


Of course, it’s all very well having modern freshness and rustic charm, but many of us just like stripping everything back to a classical traditional look. Wood is all the rage with traditional interiors, so it’s important to get it right. First rule is to stick to dark colours, walnut or a heavy oak. However mix it up, don’t have dark floors and furniture as it can become too repressive. Instead opt for one or the other to balance things out.

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