Why March Is The Perfect Time To Get Organised

Spring is coming around again, and apart from enjoying all the flowers and wildlife flickering back into life, spring also means it’s time to start planning the summer. That means thinking about graduations, holidays, and outdoor events.

Graduation announcements 

The first obvious thing to think about when you picture summertime events is graduations. Every year, there’s a flurry of these happy events from teh end of May all the way out to July – but have you ever stopped to think about when you received the invitations to those events? It was mist likely sometime in spring, to allow people time to plan the event into their lives and make the necessary arrangements. So, get sending!

But don’t overlook the people you don’t have the capacity to invite but you still want to know about this milestone in your life – instead of sending out invitations to this group, you can just send out senior announcements. They’ll feel included in your life and family, but you won’t have to throw and cater a party for literally everyone you know! And don’t worry if you’re not a dab hand at design or an artistic type – you can send out custom graduation announcements at the click of a button.

Selling your house

Holding an open house to put your house on the market with a bang is a fantastic way to reel in publicity and potential buyers – but no one wants to look around a house when it’s freezing cold or wet and windy. Autumn and winter can make natural landscapes look stunningly beautiful, but they do make everyday life a bit dingy and damp and make interiors feel closed in and dark – not ideal for attracting buyers.

A fresh spring day with bright sunshine and a cool, fresh breeze however will make your property feel light and airy, and as full of possibilities as the spring itself. Plus, the heat hasn’t quite hit you yet – so you and your realtor won’t get too sweaty showing people around all day. So send out your open house invitations around the beginning of March, and you’ll be on your way to a successful event.

Spring can be a weird season because despite being pretty and refreshing, the only thing in it that’s really an event is easter. The rest of it can seem a bit empty. But don’t worry, there’s plenty to be getting on with, whether it’s selling your house or getting your summer events in a row.

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