A stress free approach to your family holiday

When youre visiting a new destination, one which youve never been to before, one you have no prior knowledge of, and one you simply dont know your way around, when you have kids in tow, this can be a rather daunting prospect.

It sounds strange to describe a holiday as daunting, but its a truth for the first few days at least.


This is all a recipe for stress, when you should be out there enjoying yourself. A good answer to this problem is to look towards an all-inclusive hotel option, which allows your kids more freedom to roam around the larger hotel grounds; there are usually large pools, kids clubs and facilities on site, and of course, you dont need to worry about the cost of your food and drink whilst youre away, because youve already paid for it.

All-inclusive holidays basically go hand in hand with family summer breaks.

There is a risk to this kind of holiday however, and that is the tendency to stay within the grounds of your hotel. This is because these large all-inclusive resorts have everything on-site that you could ever need, and whilst its okay to lounge around the pool for a few days, its not okay to never leave the grounds and see nothing of your destination driving from the airport to the hotel does not count as having been somewhere!

The answer to this lies with excursions, evening walks, and heading down to the beach.



Many people are put off booking an all-inclusive holiday because it looks more expensive when youre booking it. Of course its going to cost more overall at this stage, because youre actually paying for your food and drinks within the cost of your break, but it will almost always come up cheaper than self-catering when you factor all the extras in, such as eating and drinking out. Put simply, the total cost is infinitely cheaper overall.

Falcon Holidays have come up with a handy holiday cost calculator, which allows you to tailor-make your break, so you dont end up choosing a hotel which is more expensive than you actually need. The questions are simple, the facility is easy to use, and the results will mean that you can find an affordable, quality hotel to suit your needs. Problem solved!

There are countless destinations on offer, including a new non-stop route from Dublin to Montego Bay in Jamaica and Cancun in Mexico, coming in June 2016, in conjunction with Thomson Airways new Dreamliner aircraft travel to far-flung paradise destinations, in total comfort!


The stress-free approach to an all-inclusive holiday basically lies with not having to worry about money whilst youre away; there is no need to say no to your kids when they ask for an ice cream, and no need to keep a mental tab in your head of how many soft drinks youve consumed between you, worrying about the bill at the end of it.

All-inclusive means no stress, and basically, thats what a holiday is all about.

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