Upcoming Autumn Trends

Fall is here in full force and for the fashion world, this means a whole new round of exciting trends to celebrate beauty, style and elegance. What are some of the most important upcoming autumn trendsyou should definitely pay attention to? Personally I love the cute range of Kids Ugg Bootsout there, but perhaps you’re looking to get inspired for yourself? Wehave gathered some of our favorites, so read on if you want to findout more.


Camel coats

Of all the types of coats out there, these are by far among the mostversatile and easy to pair with almost anything. They look wonderfulwith a pair of ripped jeans, with a pair of flared pants or with askirt and they can be casual, office and elegant at the same time too.Not to mention they come in different shades and designs to suit alltypes of complexions, all color combinations and all types of bodiesas well. We LOVE this trend!

A myriad of shoes

This season is very rich when it comes to shoe trends, so you candefinitely incorporate at least some of them into your wardrobe aswell. From classic slingback shoes to sexy leopard prints, velvetshoes and snake skin-like footwear, theres something for just aboutany style out there, so you will surely be able to find something tosuit your style and your own existent wardrobe.

As for heels, this fall has brought us all types of heights, so youcan be really elegant or very casual without falling off the wagonwhen it comes to the latest trends in fashion. Furthermore, high andthick heels are very in this autumn, so your feet will be able to restcomfortably in footwear thats both really sexy and wearable too.

A diversity of bags too

The best way to add style to a very simple outfit (e.g. blue jeans andwhite T-shirt) is by accessorizing it properly. And, aside from shoes,your purse will be one of the most important items to bring togetherthe entire outfit too.

Thankfully, this season is very rich when it comes to purses as well,so its near to impossible not to find something you will really,really love. Square-shaped, funky colored, bulky purses are very inand they come in a variety of sizes to fit every occasion the largeones for the days when you have to carry lots of things with you orthe small ones for the nights you spend out with your friends.

Fur and fringes have also been quite poignant on the runways thisfall, and we absolutely love it how they instantly add a pop ofuniqueness to a basic outfit. Plus, they come in really fun colorstoo, so you can really play around and allow your fashion creativityto flow.

Back to the 90s

In general, this seasons trends are taking us back in the 90s andmany of the trends are adapted for a more modern look on fashion.Duster coats, high-rise jeans, crop tops (yes, even in the winter, acrop-top sweater can work like magic) these things can really makeyour day and they can add style into your wardrobe.

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