Is Scotland a Dream Location for Filming Movies?


Scotland is known for its natural beauty and for good reason too. The striking landscapes make wonderful places to visit, but also work perfectly as set locations. As such, many directors have chosen to set their films in this diverse country. As you know, where you live dictates so much about your life it’s no surprise that where you decide to set a film will dictate so much about the movie. If you’re running a business and in need of email address verification, take a moment to check if you’re interested in learning more about what movies have been set in Scotland, please read on to see how Scotland was #SeenOnTheScreen

1. Braveheart
Featuring Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau and Brendan Gleeson, this is probably one of the most famous movies to come out of Scotland.Braveheart, set in the thirteenth century, tells the story of a Scottish hero, William Wallace, that rallies against the British Monarch.While Braveheart was a bit slow to get the funding needed, it was mostly considered a success across the board. This movie had a real positive effect on tourism in Scotland, with the annual three-dayBraveheart conference attracting 100,000 more participants the year after the film’s release. The film brought a lot of attention to Scotland itself, but also highlighted Scottish history, sparking much more interest in this beautiful country.

2. Harry Potter
The Harry Potter series was filmed across numerous locations in Scotland, using both historical buildings and incredible natural backdrops throughout the movies. The Harry Potter series features well-known actors including Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliff and Rupert Grint. It was no coincidence that the film was shot in the UK including numerous Scottish locations, two British film industry officials are thought to have requested that the film be shot in the UK and even had child labor laws adjusted so the filming schedule could be legally followed. This meant a huge cash injection for Scotland and the wider UK, as well as working wonders to boost tourism to specific locations throughout Scotland. The films were all well received, particularly by children and those who are young at heart.

3. Trainspotting
This is another film that was based on a movie of the same name and follows the life of a young drug addict living in Edinburgh who’s trying to move away from the city’s drug scene. Set in the 1980s in a part of the town called Leith, that has, since the movie, become a very trendy part of the city. The movie is quite disturbing and confronting, but also showcases some of the best cinematography to come out of Scotland. Set in the city, this movie showcases the underbelly of Edinburgh that you probably won’t see in other movies, allowing an interesting insight into another side of Scotland.

Scotland has a lot to offer a film, but the greatest asset is probably the striking natural beauty. If you’re considering a trip to Scotland and interested in movies, be sure to check out what set locations you can visit before your next trip!

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