Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Family Members

Christmas is a really exciting time of year; we gather our favorite family members and friends and celebrate together, with a large meal and often some thoughtful gifts. I really love spending the time to think of gifts that my family and friends will really love. No matter your budget, there are plenty of thoughtful things you can do or buy that will make someone’s day. Here are my suggestions for thoughtful Christmas gifts for family members:

1. A Home Care Package
We don’t want to think about getting older, nor do we want to think of our parents or grandparents growing old. But eventually it happens, and we can make some changes to make the transitions smoother. If you have an aging family member, considering home care packages is a really thoughtful gift that will allow your family member to maintain their independence while having extra help.

2. An Experience
More than things, people often want to nurture their special connections with friends and families. A great gift idea is looking into buying an experience, whether it’s something extreme like white water rafting, bungy jumping or even a trip to the cinema, you have numerous options. Likewise, you can choose to gift a meal voucher or a special date voucher, where the gift will be a surprise.

3. A Trip
Why not take your family members on a trip somewhere, it doesn’t have to be far away. It could be a day trip to a beautiful city nearby where you liveor a trip overseas. Travel is my favorite hobby and it’s such a fun experience because you’re in a new place, seeing new things and enjoying new restaurants. There are many options for travel, such as taking a train, plane, road trip, or even going on a ferry!

4. Wireless Headphones
If you’re trying to buy for someone between the ages of 15 through to 40 then wireless headphones are a great option. I love using mine when I go to the gym, when I’m walking my dog, when I’m listening to audiobooks in my house and basically any chance I can. It’s so nice without the wires, being able to move freely.

5. Battery Charging Pack
My cell phone’s battery always runs out before the day’s over, which is particularly annoying if I’m out all day and need to get in touch with someone. Rechargeable battery packs can be found from around $10 up and they generally allow you to charge your phone entirely 1-2 times per charge of the pack. It’s a great, inexpensive gift for someone who uses a smartphone and may struggle with battery issues.

These are my top tips for Christmas gifts this year, do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below.

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