Tips to Make Your Home More Likely to Sell

Are you worried that your home will be on the market for a long time? Do you think that itll struggle to sell, or do you want to make sure that it sells quickly? Here are a few things you can do to make sure it goes in a sensible amount of time. Use these tips to help you!


Price it Reasonably

Take some time to put serious thought into areasonable asking price for your home. Keepin mind that people will haggle, so you might want to make it slightly higher than you would accept. However, you don’t want it to put people off. A silly asking price will stop people from looking at your home altogether. Make sure you take into account any maintenance that may need to be done to give you an accurate idea of how much you can ask for.

Find a Good Estate Agent

A good estate agent will find buyers that are looking for something like your property and point them in the right direction. Do lots of research and maybe even speak to a few to find the one you feel most comfortable with. You don’t know how long you’ll be working with them for, after all. Contact Morris Dibben for info on selling your property. You’ll get an idea of what to look for in an estate agent this way!


Give it a Makeover

Give your home a makeover to let buyers see what they could have if they bought your home. Do simple repairs to both the interior and exterior, and focus on cosmetic damages that may be easily visible. Have a reliable contractor like Chase NW fix missing roof shingles, or hire someone to put on a fresh coat of paint. You need to make it look as neutral as possible so that it isn’t distracting. People won’t be able to see the home’s potential if it’s covered in damages, or has too much colour or pattern. Pick a nice neutral colour and paint the walls. Make it as neutral as you can with accessories and things too

Make Sure it Smells Nice

The smell of your home can even have an impact on whether it sells or not. A lot of it is subconscious! If your home smells of of pet odors, it may not sell, even if the potential homebuyer has pets of their own. Make sure you give it a deep clean and bake some cookies or something to make it smell good.


Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter will only make the property appear smaller. Whether that clutter will be there when the buyer moves in or not, it doesnt matter, it will still put them off Tidy up, even in your cupboards. If you can find storage elsewhere for certain items and make your home look more spacious, that’s even better.

Get Out for Viewings

If possible, have an estate agent show people around and leave the house duringviewings. They will notfeel comfortable viewing your home with you in it, no matter how friendly you are. If you’re the one showing them around, try to be sure that all kids and pets are out of the house. They should feel as comfortable as possible viewing your property which will encourage them to buy.

If you usethese tips, it will help make your home so much more likely to sell. Hopefully it willbe taken off the market in no time!

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