Advice for Parents who are travelling with Disabled Family Members

Holidays are an exciting and wonderful time for families to enjoy themselves, no matter what your circumstances are. Sometimes traveling with disabled children or a disabled family member can make the thought of going on holiday seem a little more complicated and stressful. Here is some advice to make sure your family holiday runs smooth and is as much fun as possible:


Be Organised

When youre travelling with someone who has disabilities it pays to think ahead. Generally a lot of places have tons of information about accessibility on their website but if theres something youre not sure of such as whether the accommodation has a lift or disabled friendly showering facilities, then its well worth checking out. Whilst youre looking at accommodation, google the area and see what attractions youd like to go to and make sure theyre disabled friendly too. If you cant find out, give the venues a call they might be able to make arrangements in advance.

Hire a car

If youre holidaying in the UK and want to get out and about, its a great idea to hire a mobility car thats wheelchair accessible. It will make getting around so much easier and open up doors to holidaying in a lot more locations. With Allied Mobility you can buy or hire specially adapted cars that are perfect for getting wheelchairs in and out with ease and can be adapted to suit each customers individual needs. Once you have the perfect car to get around in easily as a family youll be able to explore so many new places and holiday without having to worry about struggling with lifting in and out heavy wheelchairs.


Be Prepared

Be prepared for if things do go wrong. Although it shouldnt, there are always added complications when traveling with a disabled family member so its more likely something could go wrong. If your family member needs certain medication, ensure you have more than enough in advance of the trip and remember to always travel with all their essential medical information with you in case of an emergency.

By following these handy tips you should be all set for a fantastic family holiday. Travelling with a disabled family member can be a little stressful but it just takes a little more planning ahead to make sure your holiday all goes to plan.

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